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Thread: Linwood, North Carolina

  1. Default Linwood, North Carolina

    Name: Linwood, North Carolina

    Railroads: NS & Amtrak

    Location: On NS'S Eastern Piedmont Division Milepost 325 40 miles south of Greensboro. Belmont Road exit off I-85 leads into Linwood. Mainline is easily accessible at Linwood & from I-85 & US 29 to the north & south.

    Approximate Daily Train Frequency: 40 or more trains per day; Amtrak: 2 or more trains per day, the Crescent, the Carolinian, & the Piedmont. The Crescent still runs for sure, but I'm not sure about the Carolinian & the Piedmont.

    Radio Frequencies: NS: 160.950, AAR 56, 161.490, 160.365, 160.245, AAR 09

    Remarks: Listening to the scanner should provide plenty of notice of departing trains. Inbound trains give warning by calling the Spencer operator for permission to enter the yard as follows: Northbound trains call at Reid south of Salisbury; southbound trains call at Maybelle. Security is tight at Spencer Yard; casual visitors are advised to keep out. Salisbury with 24,000 plus people & on I-85 offers lodging & other amenities.

    References: March 1990 Trains Hot Spot Article

    Photo #1. NS Northbound Freight Train at Linwood, North Carolina

    Photo #2. NS Southbound Freight Train at Linwood, North Carolina

    Photo #3. NS Northbound Freight Train at Linwood, North Carolina

    Photo #4. NS Northbound Freight Train at Linwood, North Carolina

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    Both of the Crescent trains run in the middle of the night (approx 2 am for SB and 3 am for NB)
    The Carolinian is scheduled to be through about 8am for NB and about 7:45pm for SB
    The Peidmont runs South in the 9am hour and North about 6

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    Where is the best spot to Railfan at in Linwood?

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    Default Updates in Linwood Area

    NCDot amtrak passenger service is now running 4 trains a day through Linwood along with the Carolinian running North and South and the Crescent North and South.

    The area around Linwood it's self is trough to get much shooting in. If you are going to visit I would head for some of the small towns along the line to the North and South of Linwood.

    A group has established atcs feeds from just South of Salisbury to the Charlotte area. They are trying to expand from Salisbury up to Greensboro.
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