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Thread: Hoxie, Arkansas

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    Hoxie is one of my favorite places to railfan in Arkansas & sees plenty of traffic on both UP & BNSF. UP at one time ran both directions through Hoxie, Ar., but now mostly run northbounds only through Hoxie & run the southbounds through Jonesboro, Ar., although you will see a southbound occasionally, such as a local or if UP has track work going on over on the Jonesboro line they will detour on the Little Rock line through Hoxie, Ar. BNSF of course runs both directions through Hoxie, Ar. Hoxie, Ar. is a very convenient place to railfan with convenient stores & a BBQ resteraunt near by the UP tracks where you don't have to miss trains. You take I-55 to exit 23 & get on HWY 63 west, which follows the BNSF. You will go through Jonesboro, Ar. on the way to Hoxie, Ar., which is also a good place to railfan. When I went I would usually listen to the scanner & if I heard a good unit leading a southbound on UP I would go to Jonesboro, if I heard where the train was at & had time to beat the train there, because it's about 30 miles or so from Hoxie, Ar. to Jonesboro, Ar. The best idea is to go to Hoxie, Ar. 1 day & spend the 2nd day at Jonesboro for the UP southbound traffic. You will see the same BNSF trains through Jonesboro as you see through Hoxie, Ar. only you get a different location. I enjoy spending 2 days so I can spend 1 day at Hoxie & the last day at Jonesboro. The nearest major city to Hoxie, Ar. is Jonesboro, Arkansas. It's easy to follow the BNSF on HWY 63 & UP using HWY 67 to Little Rock & HWY 49 & HWY 79 from Jonesboro, Ar. to Pine Bluff, Ar. I have been approached by local police at Hoxie, Ar., but never asked to leave. The police just wanted to know what I was doing & after I told them they went about their business after telling me to be careful & have a good day. As anywhere else you railfan you just use common sense & don't be walking around all over railroad property & try to park your vehicle on public property, which is easy at Hoxie, Ar. all you need to do is park at the convenient store right near the BNSF/UP Interlocking & when you see a signal light up for either railroad or hear a train coming then you can get set up.

    Site : Hoxie, Arkansas

    Nearest City: Jonesboro, Arkansas ( 25 Miles Southeast )

    Location: Arkansas DeLorme Atlas & Gazeteer page 28 I-2

    Directions: From Jonesboro, Ar. drive 25 miles northwest to Hoxie, Ar. ( pop. 2,700 ), located at the junction of US HWY 63 & US HWY 67.

    Description: This is a grade level crossing of double track UP between Little Rock, Ar. & Dexter, Mo. & single track BNSF'S Thayer Sub between Thayer, Mo. & Memphis, Tn. Almost all UP traffic is northbound. BNSF has a siding just north of the interlocking at Hoxie, Ar.

    Type of Operation: Mainline freight action on both lines, mostly general merchandise & intermodal/ vehicle, plus some coal on BNSF. UP traffic is almost exclusively northbound except for the Amtrak Texas Eagle. Southbound traffic is handled on the former SSW ( Cotten Belt ) tracks through Jonesboro, Ar. 25 miles southeast. Amtraks Texas Eagle runs through Hoxie, Ar. in both directions daily.

    Typical Motive Power: Any road units can be seen on both lines, including the latest AC/DC powered units. BNSF units appear in current schemes as well as the predecessor schemes such as BN ( Cascade Green/ White Face/ Executive ), AT&SF Warbonnets & Blue Bonnets, EMDX ( Oakway Leasing ) SD60'S also can be seen. UP units are all you'll see these days, as most of the predecessor power left has been patched or repainted, but you can get lucky & get the UP Heritage SD70ACe'S that are out in Missouri Pacific, MKT ( KATY ), & Western Pacific & the specially painted Bush SD70ACe ( Railforce 1 ).

    Peak Operating Hours: Early morning & late afternoon

    Approximate Daily Train Frequency: About 30 to 40 or more

    Radio Frequencies: BNSF ( Thayer Sub ): 161.415, AAR 87; UP: ( Hoxie Sub ), 160.515, AAR 27

    Nearby Points of Interest: There is an Amtrak Station in Walnut Ridge, Ar. about 1 mile north of the Hoxie crossing. In Jonesboro, Ar. the UP southbound tracks cross BNSF ( crossing is under highway bridge, but there are numerous other photo locations )

    Remarks: The double track on the UP extends about 2 miles south of the BNSF crossing & about 3 miles north. The 2nd track is used as a long passing track. Trains rarely stop in Hoxie, Ar. except for meets, as neither railroad currently serves any industries. Morning & evening are better for train activity than midday, when lulls can occur. Numerous photo opportunities along UP tracks north & south of Hoxie, Ar. The crossing is located at MP 398 on the BNSF & at MP 226 on the UP. Hotbox detectors are located at MP 392 & 401 on the BNSF & at MP 216 & 233 on the UP. Food & lodging can be found in Hoxie & Walnut Ridge, Ar. along US HWY 67.

    Safety Considerations: Best spot for parking is inside the old Frisco Wye, in the southeast quadrant of the crossing. It is reached by street one block east of the UP on US HWY 63

    Photo #1. UP Northbound Freight Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #2. UP Southbound Vehicle Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #3. UP Southbound Vehicle Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #4. UP Southbound Freight Train at Hoxie, Ar.
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    Photo #5. BNSF Southbound Grain Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #6. BNSF Southbound Intermodal Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #7. BNSF Northbound Freight Train at Hoxie, Ar.

    Photo #8. BNSF Southbound Intermodal Train at Hoxie, Ar.

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    I visited Hoxie today and I thought it was remarkable to see a level grade crossing of two different railroads.

    Is there a list of these crossings? I would visit others if I knew where they were.


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