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Thread: Alaska, 49th state, Seward-Anchorage-Fairbanks Railbelt

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    Default Alaska, 49th state, Seward-Anchorage-Fairbanks Railbelt

    Ok, I've lived up here in Anchorage, AK since August of 2002 so I'm probably just as qualified as anyone to fill this out.

    First the formalities:
    Location: Alaska - Alaska Railroad from Seward to Anchorage then to Fairbanks with spurs to Wittier and Palmer.
    (not White Pass and Yukon down south)

    Nearest Major City: Anchorage (pop 300,000), Fairbanks (pop 90,000)
    Directions from (Nearest Major City): Go to your local Airport and fly here. If you live in Alaska you soon learn the layouts of major airport terminals such as: Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis from always having to have layovers coming and going for various occasions.

    If you drive up here - get the 'Milepost' www.themilepost.com

    Operating Railroad(s): Alaska Railroad
    All engines are AKRR, with a few leasers usually coming up in the summer.

    Basic Info:
    Is it a Safe area to Visit As with lower 48 operations, the Alaska Railroad is highly concerned about the safety of it's operations from 'undesirables'. If you stick to public roads and areas you will be fine. If you start tromping through the yards you -will- recieve a visit by one of there local security agents. And there overall sense of humor declines rapidly in purportion to your distance from critical facilities, such as Ports, and especially the North Pole Refinery outside Fairbanks.
    And if your out in the woods, take necessary precautions against local wildlife: Moose, Bears, Wolverenes, rabbits with a bad attitudes, etc.

    Any tips and advice about this location
    Review the following websites, they contain everything you need to know:
    http://www.alaskarails.org/ 'The' Source for all AKRR information
    http://www.alaskarailroad.com/ Alaska Railroad website, good for booking trips, and finding the passenger train schedules.
    http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/arrrailfans/ Yahoo group, with the AKRR railfan/modelers e-mail list, when the above sites dont have what your looking for.

    i.e. What you'll find there, approximate train frequency, photo opps, etc. Enough info that folks who've never been there can get at least an idea what's there.

    I will add more to this later on...
    There will be a test over the material included in the above websites.
    #1 One of the New SD70MACS, Leading the 2005 Easter Train from Anchorage to Portage and back. Taken Along the Seward highway that parallels the railroad tracks along the coast. 3/26/05
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    Matt L.
    Anchorage, AK

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