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Thread: Waddy, KY - NS Central Division, Louisville District

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    Default Waddy, KY - NS Central Division, Louisville District

    Waddy, KY is one of the busier areas on Norfolk Southern's Louisville District. Located about 15 miles west of Frankfort and 40 miles east of Louisville, Waddy sees on average 25-30 trains per day. It's also home to the longest siding on the Louisville District. At 11,632', Waddy is a favorite place for meets, and it's not uncommon to see a four-train meet there.

    The location itself is relatively easy to find. From Louisville, take I-64 Eastbound to Exit 43 (Waddy/Peytona) and turn right on to KY 395. From Frankfort or Lexington, take 64 Westbound and turn left on to 395. Waddy is about 1.5 miles south of the Interstate and you'll cross the tracks at the west end of the siding. Turn left onto Kings Highway, and this road will parallel the siding for its entirety. A road on the north side of the tracks was constructed late last year to alleviate those characteristic Waddy traffic jams during meets, so navigation shouldn't be a problem.

    The Louisville District is Track Warrant Control (TWC) under the authority of the "East End" dispatcher in Knoxville, TN. As mentioned, this siding is a favorite place for meets due to its length. When the Shelbyville Mixing Center is busy, it's not uncommon for a westbound with mixer work to wait at Waddy for "a while" until things clear out.

    All crews call signals here, so you'll usually have a 10-15 minute notice on a train's arrival. The road channel is AAR 56 (160.950 MHz). With a scanner, you should be able to hear trains call the signal at Hemp Ridge (MP 315.8) and Avenstoke (MP 323.3). With my handheld radio, I've heard trains leaving Coal Chute, which is about 10 miles east of Waddy. A pair of detectors are located at Hooper Station (MP 312.4) and Avenstoke (MP 323.0). Other channels to monitor are AAR 09 (160.245) and AAR 48 (160.830). Those are known as "Channel 2" and are used as a duplex channel between trains and the dispatcher. Track Warrants are issued on Channel 2.

    The Louisville District sees roughly 25-30 trains a day, and about 1/3 of the traffic is autoracks both loaded and empty. The line sees four pairs of freights (111/112, 160/161, 167/168, and 375/376), two pairs of of intermodals (22A/23G, 223/224...two more intermodals, 24N and 26Z run as needed), a pair of steel coil trains (60A/61A), and several autorack trains (239, 275, 283, 284, 285, 287) can be seen daily at Waddy. The Lawrenceburg local, T19 will also be seen three days a week (M,W,F) when it heads over to Shelbyville. Extras and bulk commodity trains will run as needed.

    Now for the photos, starting from the west end and working our way east...

    The first easily accessible location is on a bridge just off of Kings Hwy. You can pull off the road here, but I don't suggest lingering too long. In the following photo, NS 167 grinds uphill at the west end with an SD70M-2 leading.

    Working our way east, there are several places where shots are available, but the Waddy Firehouse is next well known location. In the following photo, NS 168 heads west past the firehouse with a BNSF leader.

    Continuing east, we come to the famous Waddy S-curve. Heavy westbound trains are down to a crawl here due to the 1.3% grade. In the following shot, NS 224 grinds uphill with a pair of UP locomotives

    Finally, the last location is at the "dump crossing". This is at the east end of the siding, and there's a lot of vehicular traffic around here. Luckily you're able park out of the way, but like at the bridge, it's not a good idea to linger around too long. In this photo, NS 224 storms up the hill with a short train.

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    Let me throw in a "longhood" for the thread.

  3. Default Leftygopher: Is "lingering" dangerous??

    I am a retiree who grew up in Shelby County and have lived near NS (or Souther RR) tracks most of my life. I have been to Waddy hundreds of times but, admittedly, I have never visited to watch trains or take pictures.

    I am starting to do a little railfan photography. After reading your post; I thought I might go to Waddy soon to shoot some pictures although I am also looking at spots on the NS between Jeffersontown and Shelbyville nearer to my home.

    I noticed you twice warned in your post about "not lingering too long" near the tracks in Waddy. Why? I know to stay off RR and other private property but am I going to be hasseled on the pubic streets and roads?

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