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Thread: NS/VS Interchange @ Burkeville Jct

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    Default NS/VS Interchange @ Burkeville Jct

    Location: Burkeville, Virginia

    Railroads: Norfolk Southern, Virginia Southern

    Districts/Subdivions: NS Blue Ridge & Richmond Districts; Virginia Southern

    Nearest Major City: Richmond

    Directions from Richmond:
    * Take US 360 West out of Richmond.
    * About 35-40 miles, after US 460 merges with US 360, make a left on US 360 Business.

    Warning !!
    Like all areas along the Blue Ridge and Altavista Districts, this is a safe area. Not a whole lot of crime happening in these parts, except for the occasional petty stuff. None the less, me hailing from NJ originally, I tend to be a suspect of my surroundings wherever I am.

    Basic Info:
    Burkeville is a great Southside Virginia railfan spot. At this spot, the Virginia Southern (out of Keysville) interchanges with Norfolk Southern. Additionally, The Richmond District (Burkeville - West Point, VA) junctions with the Blue Ridge here. Last check I had from railfanning there, it averages between 6-7 trains day, not including a daily local. This is the mainline between Norfolk and Roanoke. A few times you can catch a unit trash train coming off the Blue Ridge onto the Richmond District bound for the landfill at Amelia, VA

    The Virginia Southern is a little more sporadic, especially since traffic has died down on that road. You can usually catch it during the day though 2-3 times a week in Burkeville, may be a little less now. There is a spot where the VS crosses under NS and makes for a great photo if the lighting is right.

    The best part about this particular spot is that it runs through the middle of a very open town so there are plenty of spots on both sides of the track to photograph from. And if things are slow, Crewe yard is only 2 miles to the east along US 460

    Radio Frequencies

    Norfolk Southern
    161.115 -- [AAR channel 67] -- EOT devices
    161.190 -- [AAR channel 72] -- ex-N&W road (former N&W)

    Virginia Southern
    161.310 -- [AAR channel 80] -- all operations

    Frequenting Trains
    Some of these may have changed, but this is the latest info I have...

    Inter-Division Manifests

    O52 Manifest/Linwood - Norfolk; as needed - high and wide train
    O53 Manifest/Norfolk - Linwood; as needed - high and wide train
    158 Manifest/Linwood - Norfolk; daily
    159 Manifest/Norfolk - Linwood; daily
    184 Manifest/Bellevue - Norfolk; daily - autoracks/high-cubes predominate
    185 Manifest/Norfolk - Bellevue; daily - autoracks/high-cubes predominate

    227 Intermodal/Norfolk - Detroit; daily
    228 Intermodal/Detroit - Norfolk; daily
    233 Intermodal/Norfolk - Chicago; daily
    234 Intermodal/Chicago - Norfolk; daily
    235 Intermodal/Norfolk - Chicago; daily
    236 Intermodal/Chicago - Norfolk; daily

    Virginia Div. Manifests
    427 Manifest/Hopewell - Roanoke; daily
    428 Manifest/Roanoke - Hopewell; daily

    800 series Coal loads and empties/Various - Norfolk; as req'd

    V03 Local/Crewe; daily/Crewe-based local
    V28 Local/Richmond; as needed (for Burkeville/Jetersville)/Richmond-based local
    V62 Refuse transfer train/Lynchburg - Amelia; as needed - moves garbage cars off through freights at Lynchburg to the landfill at Amelia.
    371 New York City refuse train/Waverly - Hagerstown; twice weekly - unit trash train
    372 New York City refuse train/Hagerstown - Waverly; twice weekly - unit trash train


    Here is the most recent photo I have, taken on the 5th of March, 2006. This is the right of way through Burkeville looking west. Just off to the right is the signal controlling the Richmond District's junction with the Blue Ridge District.

    Here is a crappy picture taken back in Jan '02. This is the ROW heading east towards Crewe.

    A self-propelled crane heads towards Crewe in the summer of '97.

    High nose EMD power on the Richmond Local drop off empty wood chip hoppers bound for Chesepeake Lumber on the Virginia Southern RR just outside of Keysville, VA. Taken Jan '02
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    Tommy Warshaw III

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    Default Map

    Some recommended spots for shooting pictures in Burkeville. This is by no means a complete guide to all the spots, but the best that I have found over the last 9 years.
    Tommy Warshaw III

    On Twitter: @EasternRailfan | My Flickr: T-3 Photography

    Canon 5D Mark II |17-40mm f/4L, 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, 50mm f/1.8

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