Woodinville, WA

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Can someone tell me the name of the line that leaves the wye at Woodinville, WA heading west and perhaps tell me a little bit about it? I traced it as far as the north end of Lake Washington. Is that where it ended or did continue on to a connection with the current BNSF mains?


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Steve, are you talking about the NP that went up on the northend of the lake through Kenmore and onto Sand Point, UW, and along the northend of Lake Union then crossing the canal near Fremont?


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At the North end of Lake Washington, the ROW turns into the Burke Gilman Trail. IIRC, this merge offically took place just North of the Wayne golf course, but I think today the ROW is paved across the bridge over the river and begins farther East, closer to Bothell, at like 102nd Ave NE. The Burke Gilman is on the ROW pretty much all the way to about Gas Works Park. It's kinda gray to me as to where the ROW was from there on up to the point where BDTL' trackage begins and makes the connection to the BNSF mainline just East (compass North) of Bridge 6.3.

As Jason said, there was also a drawbridge across the Ship Canal that tied the NP main into what is today referred to as the Terry Ave. Lead. Terry Ave Lead went into the 20 yard. Out of the West end of the 20 yard began the NP Main (current Main 2 on BNSF) that took you down to North Portal. If memory serves me correctly, at North Portal, the NP crossed the GN mains and began the waterfront lead which took them into the North end of Stacy Yard (an NP yard). I'm not sure if this was all the same line of not, but at one point, a NP train could depart North out of Stacy yard and end up in Woodinville on the West leg of the wye.
It was BNs 8th Sub, former NP line Seattle to Sumas. From the wye it went to Bothell, all the way to the UW, served all of the industies near Gas Works Park, crossed the water north of Interbay and tied into the NP main at Interbay and went down to North Portal and then into Stacy St Yard.

It is now the Burke-Gilman trail.

At Fremont there was a connection with the GN line that goes past the Ballard Locks and ties into the Scenic Sub at MP7.

It was around 1984-1985 when the last section to Bothel was torn up. I'll see if I can dig up more details.

Steve, are you talking about the NP that went up on the northend of the lake through Kenmore and onto Sand Point, UW, and along the northend of Lake Union then crossing the canal near Fremont?
Yep, Jason, that's the line.

Thanks for all the information. So was this just referred to as the 8th sub, or did it have a less technical moniker?

Also, did this connect to what is now the Ballard Terminal line? It looks like there was a wye on the north side of the ship canal, is that correct?


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There was a wye on the north end of the canal, I believe all of the tracks east of Ballard from Interbay to south Lake Union, north of the ship canal, everything to Lake WA, Kenmore and onto Woodinville were NP.
I think the NP had everything north of the canal in the Fremont area.
Another question just ocurred to me. Where did the 8th sub begin, at Woodinville or further north (north of Snohomish?)?

I.e. was any part of what is not referred to as the Woodinville sub, part of the BN's 8th sub?
Go back quite a bit further and it mostly started out as the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern, finally terminating in the Cascades at North Bend. It went through Woodinville, Redmond, Issaquah; there is a bit of remaining track in downtown Issaquah and the old depot, now a museum.

But that may be more than you wanted to know.
At least from UofW, the Burke Gilman trail follows the right of way almost exactly to at least the north boundary of the city. there are several bridges from rail days still in use.
The line, among other uses, supplied coal to the boilers for the University. I even recall there being a specially modified NP baggage car for hauling the crew shells to regattas! (I actually saw it, with shells on racks in it.)


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You can still see the turnout for the east leg of the wye just before you reach end of track for the Ballard Terminal Railroad. On the south side, you can follow the curve, without track, to the connection with the south end of the draw bridge. The original SLS&E route was a little farther east, near SPU, before the canal was dug for the ship canal. I don't know if any rails are still visible there - but they were about 15 years ago.
My dad once told me a story about this line. He remembered seeing watching a steam locomotive (well just the smoke moving back and forth) switching the tracks behind the warehouse located on the map (he says the warehouse may have been rebuilt since). If you look closely in bird eye view you can make out the siding. He said he believes it was in the mid 50s probably about 1954

Map: http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=47.6740441117~-122.26750469415197&lvl=19&sty=h


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By looking at the birdseye view at another angle, one can see the rails in the asphalt and the loading/unloading concrete platform.:cool:
This is great information. I often run on the Burke-Gilman trail and wondered about the history of the line. I've found it difficult to find information (i.e. when it was abandoned etc) on this line especially pictures. The picture of the steam train is quite interesting.

In today's world it would have a made a great commuter or light rail line from Woodinville to Seattle. Too bad it was lost.
I grabbed a few pictures on my way home...

1) End of the line at Woodinville. This is at the end of the west leg of the wye. If you were able to keep going from here, you'd get to Ballard.

2) Even with construction and redevelopment, the ROW is evident. Here, an old crossing still sits in asphalt. This is at East Riverside Drive and NE 175th Street in Bothell.

3) A little further down is an old loading dock near East Riverside Drive and Eason Avenue.

4) An old bridge over the Sammamish River. The Burke-Gilman trail goes across this bridge and finally ends a few more tenths of a mile to the East. I took the picture from the Sammamish River Trail.

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