Where is the Omaha Posse?

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Going to spend more time in the wildlife refuge near the confluence of the Missouri River and the Platte River. Not only wildlife but the trains are close too. These trains are gliding along the welded rail just north of Plattsmouth.

BNSF 9276_040518_1024.jpg BNSF 7577_2_040518_1024.jpg

BNSF 7577_1_040518_1024.jpg BNSF 7577_040518_1024.jpg The four main RR's represented here.

Not a lot of snow but wind blowing and 26 degrees. Council Bluffs to Pacific Jct to Greenwood to Omaha.

IAIS 701_040618_1024.jpg KCS 4704_040618_1024.jpg Two views in Council Bluffs

Frisco at PJ_040618_1024.jpg BNSF coming thru the snow_040618_1024.jpg Sign is yard in Pacific Jct and train at East River
East River and then home.

BNSF Island Park_040618_1024.jpg Ginstein_040618_1024.jpg Shot across a field toward Island Park where the Bunge Plant is. Then an East River DPU

BNSF8499_040618_1024.jpg BNSFMP29_040618_1024.jpg East Bound at East River and Track worker at MP29 on the Omaha sub (Giles Road)
Blizzard Warnings for a mere 100 miles west of Omaha. Raining a bit here while I sneeze, cough and take regular doses of Tylenol and cough medicine. What other reason do I have for being awake at 6:30 am on a Saturday. It's Spring in Nebraska. I'll post some old stuff just because it is so much fun to upload pictures with the new forum software. CTRL Click, CTRL Click, Open, and your done. I love it. Thanks Bob. 3 Missouri Pacific, Omaha, Louisville and Salina KS. CNW is Maple St. in Omaha. MILW at Council Bluffs.


Thanks for the trip down memory lane. A tremendous number of railroads served Omaha-Council Bluffs back in the day.
I'll take a shot at listing the railroads serving Omaha-Council Bluff over the years. The Posse can correct my mistakes or omissions. Maybe members can post old photos of the various railroads. In no particular order:

Pre-merger era (50's-60's)
Union Pacific
Burlington (CB&Q)
Rock Island (CRI&P)
Milwaukee Road (CMStP&P)
Chicago & North Western
Missouri Pacific
Illinois Central
Norfolk & Western (predecessor road?)

Merger/Post merger era (70's to present)
Union Pacific
Canadian National
Iowa Interstate

There is an interesting article in Wikipedia on railroads in Omaha:
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Add Chicago Great Western and South Omaha Terminal, which served the Omaha Stockyards.
Wabash is the predecessor road. Highest point on the Wabash is on top of the bluff at Dumfries, IA south of Council Bluffs.
My first ALCo cab ride was on SOT 3. S1 if I remember correctly.
Looks like we got about 2 inches of snow in Omaha last night. The flowers will grow really good if it warms up.
Let's trip down memory lane a little farther. I know there is Wabash picture somewhere. There is my project for the day. I think that's all the pre-merger colors but not pre-merger markings. Except for CGW maroon, CB&Q Black, IC orange, RI blue. What colorful years we had.


Good catch on the South Omaha Terminal. You could fill an entire album on the Rock Island as I don't think the railroad had two diesels painted alike.

The N&W ran unique high-hooded units which I thought were really neat. I don't care for that basic black + decals paint scheme, though. At least IC diesels had white stripes and a nifty logo.
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A few days ago I was at Louisville, Neb. and found the UP local waiting to leave Ashgrove. Today I went out and spent some time wandering between Louisville and Ashland.
IMG_7354 (2).JPG
IMG_7357 (2).JPG
IMG_7369 (2).JPG
IMG_7372 (2).JPG

CGW101c called me and said there was a Colorful Westbound BNSF leaving Omaha so I went over to Linoma and waited. Sure nuf here it is.
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And finally, here is a view of the Ashland wye that I have never photographed. I hope in the future I can video a train coming from the north from this spot.
It was nice of Iron Horse to put a parking spot at the edge
IMG_7362 (2).JPG
of the cliff.
Rick: I tried some minor editing to separate your photos for easier viewing, but I screwed it up royally. Blame it on me and the new format. Sorry about that. I cut off the last part of your message, but your original photos should still be on display full size. Good catch on the BNSF train, it really is a colorful consist.

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