Where is the Omaha Posse?

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Out to one of my old haunts. Chalco. Many passenger trains, some steam locomotives over the last 50 years. Many moonlit nights sitting on the cattle pens waiting to see trains go by and record the sound. Passed by today and what I assume is still Job 104 waiting for a west bound so he can go back to Omaha. Didn't have to wait long for the 3937 to come west and then 104 left the passing track. Amtrak used to meet here many nights. It had a station and an agent into the late 1960's. I boarded the CB&Q 5632 and the 4960 fan trips here in the 60's

BNSF 3937_022318.jpg BNSF 1536_2_022318.jpg

BNSF 1536_1_022318.jpg BNSF 2519_022318.jpg
Here is view looking south into California Jct on the UP (ex CNW), Iowa. And then I tried to photo the stack train but a couple of snow geese got in the way. 10's of 1000's of birds migrating this weekend.


Traversing a small body of water just west of California Junction is a EB UP Intermodal. And located at the Cargill plant at Blair is as near as can figure is an ex SP GP9. Now RSSX 3817. Last picture I saw on rr pictures shows a high short hood. This is a chopped hood but still has the SP bracket sticking up above the headlight.

UP over water_030918.jpg

RSSX 3817_030918.jpg
Some coal hoppers tipped over just west of 84th st here in Omaha on the UP. Looked like OPPD cars. The coal pile goes west quite a ways. But I can only get close enough to see 2 cars so I bet there was more.

derailment_031118.jpg derailment2_031118.jpg

Bill Anderson

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Some coal hoppers tipped over just west of 84th st here in Omaha on the UP. Looked like OPPD cars. The coal pile goes west quite a ways. But I can only get close enough to see 2 cars so I bet there was more.
I have heard environmentalists lament about the potential disaster of a coal train derailment, but they are relatively simple to clean up. Once the dust has settled (quite literally), you just scoop up the coal, remove the hoppers or scrap them on site, and replace the damaged track. Expensive and time consuming, but minimum (if any) long term damage to the environment.
Council Bluffs was busy just after lunch. Just like the old days. Everything heading east.

BNSF 5508_031518.jpg

BNSF 742_031518.jpg Old meets older at the Rock Island Station

BNSF CBIA_031518.jpg Off towards the old MILW yard as the Belles wait for the elevator to ready a grainer.

IAIS 714_031518.jpg IAIS heading toward their yard with the UP transfer.
Amtrak 6 late, happens less often.

Out for a late Amtrak 6 today. First up is a UP train in front of the EX-Burlington station in Omaha. Now owned and used by local TV station 7. Then Amtrak 6 at Gretna NE and then East River Iowa.

UP 5906_032418_1024.jpg AMT 45 Gretna_032418_1024text.jpg

AMT 45 East River_1_032418_1024text.jpg AMT 45 East River_2_032418_1024text.jpg
You did good too. Here is the west bound tank train that came after Amtrak. Interesting it also has a BNSF and a UP loco on the front. And a CP loco as the DPU. An international day. OH CANADA!! There was also an empty coal right before Amtrak that stopped on the old Missouri River bridge and waited there instead of the double track thru Plattsmouth.

BNSF4989ERiver_032418_1024Text.jpg CP8891 ERiver_032418_1024Text.jpg
Zoohogger leaves the house. 3/25/2018 Eastern Nebraska.

Zoohogger got out of the house. I took my lovely wife with me because each time she comes along I find trains.

First up Louisville, Ne. BNSF 8780 rolls west with a empty hopper train framed by two old cottonwood trees.

Then, after circling around though Ashland, we saw the tail end of a manifest, perhaps LIN LIN with consecutively numbered 9298 and 9297.
So we chased it and arrived at Gretna just in time. Not bad even though it was Cloudy, drizzly, cool, windy.
IMG_7337.jpg IMG_7342.jpg IMG_7344.jpg IMG_7345.jpg
One Older photo from Council Bluffs

After the line relocations in Council Bluffs, different things sit near CEBC Junction on the original main line.

This day had a whole train the way trains should be.


Omaha missed the Easter Sunday snow, but they got 11 inches somewhere in Ne or KS. Supposed to snow tomorrow and Friday. I'll go out to get the last, hopefully, snow pics. Maybe some of the other posse will join in. I'm ready for some blue sky and warm sun. This is Nebraska however, so it will probably go from snow to 90 degrees in 2 days.
UP local, not sure what it's called but it switches Kelloggs and the industries around 102nd and I street in Omaha. This one is backing reefers into the pork processing plant across from Kelloggs. For you out of towners.....Yes that Kelloggs.

UP 1235_040218.jpg

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