Where is the Omaha Posse?

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Heat doesn't bother me, Just don't have any time to get out to the tracks....

Speaking of people in hiding, where did E.M. Bell go in the eastern section?
91 and Humid but not as bad as Friday when it was 100 and humid. Luckily there was some wind chill. Went south to Pacific Junction and bagged a pair and then an old Milw hopper in Council Bluffs, "Americas Resourceful Railroad" The orange is starting to return

BNSFHeat Wave_072617.jpg We're havin a heat wave...

BNSF5683_072615.jpg EB at east Pacific Junction

ExMilwHopper_072615.jpg Council Bluffs

UP6877_071715.jpg UP Coal Loco at North Omaha in evening. From last week
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Bill Anderson

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Nice catch on the old Milwaukee hopper. I remember when Milwaukee started painting their freight cars that corporate orange-yellow back in the late 60's. The cars looked very sharp when they were shiny and new, just like the Milwaukee's diesels.
Here are some from last Sunday. The CITI rail and 770 are the same pair that is on Brad's picture at Pacific Junction. There is a small park in town that is close to the tracks and has some shade, I just forgot something to sit on. It was only about 96 degrees and humid and some of the Monarch butterflies were hanging around. These 4 pics are all at Greenwood, Ne.

BNSF6225_080215.jpg WB

BNSF4045_080215.jpg EB

BNSF9318_080215.jpg WB

CREX1321_080215.jpg EB
A couple more. It seems like once the trains start moving they are pretty consistent. Most of the time the WB trains pile up waiting to get thru the Hobson yard in Lincoln.

WildWillysFireworks_080215.jpg Wild Willy's Firework Stand. Closed still next year

SnapTrackConnector_080215.jpg Snap Connector Closeup

SnapTrack_080215.jpg Snap Track

Greenwood Long View_080215.jpg I enjoy this view because I can't count the number of times I stood here over the last 50 years and watched the trains. I love it.
Brother Rick and I stopped by Ashland and Waverly on Sunday late afternoon. There were a couple of trains waiting for other trains to move and some eastbounds. The west bounds were waiting to get into Lincoln and the east bounds come at pretty regular intervals. And of course it is just nice to be out of the house with nowhere to go. These are standard wedge shots, but in 30 years when the 5111 is scrapped we can look back and say "Hey I saw that loco when it was almost new".

BNSFAshland_080915.jpg BNSF8579_080915.jpg DPU Eastbound Coal Train
Overview of Ashland looking NE,TT east

BNSF5111_080915.jpg CSX8717_080915.jpg CSX with the token orange BNSF
BNSF 5111 WB at West Waverly, NE
I'll add the heat waved telephoto of the 3 tracks at Waverly. And probably one last look at the signal pile in Gretna. Notice the amount of foliage in the pile as opposed to the the view of the pile from earlier in the "Goodbye to the Searchlights" post. This signal is from the double head signal in Ralston, I think. It is a newer style with a fresnal lens and aluminum casing. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the scrappers some time and see if I cry a lot they'll give me one.

WestWaverly_080915.jpg Gretna Signal Pile_080915_Small.jpg
I was out by the UP tracks for an hour or so last night and it seemed really busy. There was a Westbound Empty OMAX coal train stopped on top of the center street bridge by Bob Boozer, I am assuming the power was stopped at the crossover by Pacific Street. Shortly after I got there, an Eastbound came through, but I couldn't see the train behind the OMAX. Soon as that train cleared the crossover, the OMAX took off to the west. A short time later I heard another train go by. When we were getting ready to leave, I looked over at the tracks and a manifest train was sitting there. I assumed it was also a westbound holding like the OMAX was, but when we got on to Industrial I could see it was an eastbound and there was another eastbound coming on the other main. They both had green signals by Oakview so I am not sure why the manifest was stopped.
Probably next month. It was in the high 80's today and our lows are still in the 60's. There is a front coming thru today which may drop the temps and let the trees know it is not summer anymore. I have all the batteries charged up and the lawn mowed so I can leave the house without feeling guilty. Who am I kidding! I never feel guilty when I leave the house to railfan. Tom


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This member is currently in North Platte NE for the 8th annual Railfest. We (my buddy who's moved to CO) meet up here to sit trackside, watch trains and solve the world's problems, annually. This year's dilemma is that US30 is closed between Gothenburg and Brady which means "Buttermilk Curve (~2 miles e of Brady) may not be doable this year-it's one of our go-to spots. Tomorrow we're going to venture that way and see if the roads at least open to "local traffic only", we'll see.

Here's a shot from today at Hershey NE...


Usually mid to late October here...

The locust trees are starting and so is a little bit of sumac, but that's about it. It will be interesting to see what happens with all the rain we have had. There are some trees that just don't look good.

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