What is this item?

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If you don't know, and you have them, then that is odd. How did you come by having them? Many of us know what these are, but I question putting it out there.
If you are not comfortable posting here you can send me a private message I would like to know for my own knowledge. Once I know I will remove the post.


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This is one of those items, along with employee timetables, where the legality of owning it is questionable. Yes, I know, you can find them at any railroad swap meet. But they're railroad property, and you most likely don't have legal ownership.


What is your malfunction?
It's like your shifter in your vehicle, drive, Park(neutral), reverse. only this one is removable from a locomotive.:D
The most desireable ones are the brass ones. I have a new one I got from a guy that used to work on UP engines. The plastic ones are easier to carry in your pocket. Train crews loose those things all the time. They aren't some kind of secret. I found a black plastic one on the roadbed at work in the middle of nowhere.

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