What is it like to work for IAIS?

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I know that the Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAIS) is a Class II railroad and that it's much more different than working for a Class 1 railroad. I've heard that if I work as a conductor for the Iowa Interstate Railroad for example, than I will be able to get a regular job schedule with regular days off. I've also heard that Class II, Class III, and some other short-line railroads are always family friendly and that they give you 8-12 hour shifts when you're working for them.

I've seen some IAIS job reviews online from former workers saying that they were on-call 24/7, and that they have to work on weekends and holidays too. But I thought that regional railroads, like the Iowa Interstate Railroad, are supposed to be more family friendly and give their employees regular 8-12 hour job shifts.

So what is it like to work for the Iowa Interstate Railroad? Does anyone around here in this forum work form them?

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