What Boots Do You Wear?

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What is your malfunction?
Just remember, Whites aren't cheap and Whites will rebuild the boots when the time comes for rebuilding.

So after getting you gusy to chime in it looks like Redwing is the clear winner wiht Danner and Whites coming is a close second. I will call each company and do some research on each. My carolina's after 8 months are alomst done!


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I'm a BNSF conductor, but I most often work as a yard foreman/helper (which means I spend almost all my time on ballast). Since they were buying, I got Red Wing King Toe boots and I'm pretty happy with them. I tried a couple different insoles, including Red Wing's insoles, but I am most happy with the Dr. Schol's black and blue insoles. They aren't waterproof, but that's no big deal. I put each foot in a gallon ziploc bag then put the boots on when I know I'm going to be working in water. Then I don't have a care in the world if my boots get wet because my feet stay dry. Also, I take full advantage of the fact that the Red Wing store will give me all the laces I need and apply mink oil once a month, which will help waterproof the boots. My only complaint is the soles don't hold up well to sidewall heaters - I nearly melted them all the way down one cold, wet night!


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I have worked for CN for 27 years and work in Montreal, Canada. My boots are STC's which are a durable and very comfortable boot. Warm and dry in winter and not overly warm in summer. The Gore-tex is great. Only drawback is the leather boots are a little heavier than the redwings and danners, and they are not cheap.
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