Warbonnets and the CSX 500 in Lima, Ohio

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I havent posted in a good bit(my last was the best of 10) so to start the new year I cheased the 2 warboonnetts that were on CSX K803 last week. CSx kindly sent them back on CSX Q340. Leading was CSX 8350, the BNSF 8300 and BNSF(Sante Fe) 8230.
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Today I went chasing CSX 500 after getting a text from Aric Allen that the 500 was here in Lima. CSx 323 was leading with CSX 500 trailing. the first shot is CSX 323, then the last 2 are CSX 500. All pics were done with my new cell camera, which is a big improvment over the old one I had. Location was at McKibben St. railroad crossing here in Lima, Ohio.

All shots Copyright Michael K. Fair/maersksealand3329.

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Still Plays With Trains
Hey Mike! I got the BNSF 8230 leading Q389 yesterday on the NCS. It was held up at bridge 16 signal for over an hour while the local switched the ABC.

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