Vermont Hot Spots

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Since this section has been quiet, I guess I will be the one to get things started! Here are my three favorite spots to catch RR action in VT, in no particular order.

1. VRS Rutland Yard-accessed via the Howe Scale Center's parking lot, this is where the majority of the VRS's trains originate and terminate. There is usually some sort of rail action going on, even on weekends.

2. White River Jct-There is ample parking at the WRJ train station where no one will bother you for sitting and watching trains. WRJ is served by five different railroads, and if you are there at the right time, can be quite the hopping place.

3. North Bennington-Not much action, but still has classic Rutland Rwy buildings and feel, some local switching providing interesting shots, and is where I first got into railfanning, and then railroading.

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