Truck dimensions

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I'm working out something for which I need to know the dimensions of many types of truck.

With 4-wheel trucks, it's simple. Find the wheelbase, assume centered kingpin. If there are asymmetrical 4-wheel trucks, I'd like to know.

With 6-wheel trucks, overall wheelbase isn't enough. There's the position of the middle axle, which often isn't centered. And there's the pivot point, which is often neither centered nor above the middle axle. The last I can alternatively determine given the bolster spacing and overall wheelbase of a locomotive with the trucks in question.

all dimensions:
GE "rollerblade" and steerable
FM trimount truck (H16-66, H24-66)
truck used on E-units
truck used on RSC-2
truck used on AS-416
export truck used on SDL39
pivot point only:
GSC, Adirondack
Alco Hi-Ad C

I'm sure I'm forgetting some others I don't have; I'll add them when I remember them.

And please don't refer me to the Diesel Shop site. Aside from confusingly and inconsistently labelling dimensions, there are many absolute errors (giving the SD40T-2 the same overall dimensions as the SD40-2, occasionally giving higher continuous than starting tractive effort, giving the SD70/M the starting and continuous tractive effort of the SD70MAC...) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to