Trains of Edmonds, Washington

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The Back to the 90's EMD lashup of 1469 (SD60M), 1664 (SD40-2), and 1406 (SD60M) made another appearance along with 784, a GE unit still in War Bonnet paint. I don't know why so much power was needed as it was not a long train.



Three old Cryo-Trans cars were in the train. I don't know if these were in revenue service as I have seen some being used as storage cars in MoW service.

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Last up was an oil tanker with a CN unit in the lashup.


According to The Diesel Shop, 5770 is an EMD SD75I, part of an order built in 1996.



Rear DPU's.
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Monday (5-14-18) former Santa Fe SD75 253 led Geeps 2543 and 2709 on a northbound (tt/east) light power hop past the marsh.




The trailing Geep, a remote control unit, had something unusual mounted on its roof. A special antenna for PTC?
Wednesday (5-16-18) a southbound (tt/west) Boeing bunker train was red-boared on the outside main at MP 18. The signal for the inside main indicated that it was waiting to be overtaken by another southbound. I took advantage of the situation to get some closeup shots.

Power was 2543 (GP39-3) and 3026 (GP40-E).

Diesels in the area are sprouting new antennas which I assume are related to Positive Train Control. The white plastic covers look like unpainted detail parts added to a model railroad engine.

Cascade green units are becoming quite a rarity.

I believe these cars are filled with 737 parts bound for the Boeing plant in Renton. They remind me of bunkers, similar to European military cars I seen in movies, which is why I call them Boeing bunker cars.
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Here in Queensland, Aus., we have the Cattle Train, which brings livestock from the city of Rockhampton, in central Qld, to Brisbane, in cage type wagons. It passes through the towns on the way and right next to houses and businesses that back onto the rail line. Brings a different meaning to the phrase "Breath of fresh country air".


The signal went from red to yellow after the train passed, which told me another southbound would soon arrive. Behind the power were three Boeing 737 fuselages from Kansas bound for final assembly in Renton.

Just now catching up with this thread. I had to laugh at photo 3 in post 12. It looks like Boeing is now equipping 737's with remote control tail guns. :D

Thursday's (5-17-18) Chicago bound Empire Builder (Amtrak #8) was powered by two Genesis units due to a deadheading Superliner ahead of the baggage car and the Cyrus K. Holliday private car on the rear. Sorry no photos, but I was attending a function at the outdoor patio of a bar near the tracks.
Friday afternoon (5-18-18) a northbound (tt/east) tank train rolled past the marsh as I was photographing birds with my super telephoto setup:
5DIII + 500L telephoto lens + 1.4x teleconverter, tripod mounted.


Although the head end power was BNSF, a Wisconsin Central buffer car led me to hope for Canadian National power on the rear DPU.


I switched to my handheld 1Dx + 100-400L telephoto zoom for a shot of the tank cars.

Back to the super telephoto setup for the rear DPU's. No CN power, just two more BNSF units.

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Canada's Rocky Mountaineer has started a new season with the Seattle-Vancouver, BC leg passing by the marsh Saturday afternoon (5-19-18).


I was surprised it had only a single bi-level viewing car on the end. Maybe a second one will be added in Vancouver.


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