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Yes, get out before it gets worse! LOL.
You live in where my wife and i want to end up! :cool:

We have attended conferences at the Asilomar and have fallen in love with the town. I also love Laguna Seca and usually get out to the sportscar race.
Monterey is beautiful as well!
That area has become one of my favorite in California.

Restricted Speed

When Hauser opened, the crew change point at Spokane was moved across the border to Hauser. Hauser is a large(r) crew base, considering you have the Hauser-Wenatchee pool, Hauser-Pasco pool, and the double ended Hauser-Whitefish pool. Granted... Spokane is one of the higher seniority terminals in the 05 seniority district, with Seattle being more or less the youngest.

If you do end up making the move, take note of which seniority district you end up in. Post merger, most districts went to system seniority (i can't comment on the particulars of how all that works....), but a few, namely prior BN districts, retained their closed rosters. Pacific 05 is one them. It's a double edged sword, when traffic slumps, a flood of employee's from, let's say Galveston, can't chase work to Seattle. At the same time, we can't chase work to other parts of the system when things get slow. For what it's worth, if you end up in the NWE, out district covers a pretty diverse region. It's pretty much Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Just got out of interview. Seemed to go pretty good. Surprisingly out of 35 people there was only one other guy, and myself that were internal. They were darn near giving me the Greybull position. I guess its hard to get people there.
The Denver shop is a closed shop. he was touching on some of your points about that and how it works.

Hey Wrench you could always go up to Havre,MT....BNSF opened jobs for MAchinists there, looks to be real dam close to Canada..little too cold for my wifes blood.
Nah I'm done with wrenching on things. Tired of it. Been fixing stuff all my life. Time to get bored with something else lol.

Restricted Speed

I emailed the HR person handling everything and asked her to make Greybull my first pick, if I can have an option. I'm sure they will put me where they need me, if I get the job, but it doesn't hurt to ask. :D

I did find a trip rate chart on our website, that shows the trip rates for single and flip trips. Shows the rates for Conductors, Engineers, and Brakemen, from all locations in the system. Some of those longer hauls are good $$$. Unfortunately the haul out of Greybull up to Laurel isn't that great, but oh well.

I also heard a rumor that BNSF might want to sell the line from Greybull to Laurel to MRL or abandon it completely. I hope that doesn't happen :eek:

Hopefully I'll hear by the end of next week whether I made it or not. If I do, I'll have a month to get moved up there :eek: No pressure with only 3 days vacation available to me. :rolleyes:

Restricted Speed

Rant on:

Looks like I am out for the Conductor positions. My General Foreman won't release me :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: What a !@#$ bass turd. Especially after he told me he would do whatever he needed to do to help me.

Now I am out $700 for a plane ticket, hotel and car rental.

Sorry for the rant :(


Union Pacific Machinist
Man that sucks, dont you have a director of the shop? or is that who wont let ya go. Ours was very cool and was understanding.

Restricted Speed

Man that sucks, dont you have a director of the shop? or is that who wont let ya go. Ours was very cool and was understanding.
Essentially that's what he is. He is the GF over the repair and SFS facility. I was told by others that he would do that. Let's just say he likes to mess with people to show his power.

I have a letter in to HR dept, where he stated to me in an email, that he would "do whatever is needed to help" Guess I'll wait to hear. Bad thing is being out $700 for plane, hotel and rental car.

I may just end up having to quit, get another job, then reapply when they post again.

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