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Brevard Zoo RR Engineer
Chance CHP is available as Gas or Propane at this time, to the best of my knowledge. You can find their "sales information" on line.

BZ's new unit is gasoline. The current units are emissions compliant . . . according to Chance.

No - no live steam here, but this appeared to be the place to hang a post for the Chance folks. If I err'd . . my regrets

{If a newbie - Chance has been building this locomotive since 1961 (acording to the factory rep that came with the locomotive today) and altho updated in MANY ways the basic design is unchanged. Having worked on a 70's CPH for a couple of years and seeing this new one today, I can not argue that.}
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Captain B-

What is the Brevard Zoo doing with the old locomotive? You mentioned that it was built in the 70s?

I am the Lead Engineer at the Pittsburgh Zoo and we operate two older C.P. Huntingtons, one built in 1965 that is #44 and the other built in 1966 that is #55.


Engineer Chris


Brevard Zoo RR Engineer
My understanding is we will rebuilt the older unit so we have a spare. Our problem recently had been increasing mechanical problems on the old unit but the zoo was not willing to take the train down and loose the revenue so all fixes were done quick as they could be done - rather than correctly. You can only go so long on duct tape and bailing wire .... I was a ship driver in USCG - I KNOW about these kind of fixes!

Buying another used unit was considered but a strong argument was made for taking the leap and buying new.

Time will tell as to what happens . . .

Our old unit came from a Detroit area park - which was actually in the Detroit River and on the Canada side at that - BOBLO Island. I've been able to determine that when BOBLO was selling off their equipment they had 3 CPH trains, one from about 73 and two from about 75 (have the exact dates but not with me here right now). The builder plate is missing on our unit so I'm not sure which one we got but this is an early picture from here at BZ - notice the construction fences

I found that photo here by the way but do not know its source - BZ opened in 1994 - built by volunteers and operated as a not for profit organization which STILL depends heavily on volunteer support. From the under construction building and size of the plants I'm sure this is a very early shot.

/s/ Captain Brian, USCG retired
Brevard Zoo RR Engineer
Thanks for the update! I am glad to here that they are keeping the older unit and using it as a spare. Since we have 2 trains that are older, we usually switch them out when another needs repaired but our one train has been out of service for 3 years now. Just this year it is getting fixed so that we will hopefully have 2 operating locomotives by the end of the season! I know what you mean about patching together old trains... every time ours breaks down I get asked the question, "Well what do other zoos do???" and I always answer... "They all are replacing their old trains..." Hopefully soon it will sink in that a new train would be a very nice addition to our railroad!

It is neat to hear that the Brevard Zoo Train is one of the old Boblo Island trains. I hate whenever places remove the builders plates because it is very hard to figure out the history of the train whenever they do that. I like the paint scheme of the old train and new locomotive and coaches. Both of our trains are painted very similarly to the original red/green color that your train originally was when it got to the Brevard Zoo.

Thanks for the updates!



Brevard Zoo RR Engineer
in only a few days of NEW ownership I'd provide a heads up for buying new ....

Are your coaches from Chance and 10% stock???? We're having issues with our sound systems right now. "we paid **** for" the sound system ... it should work. (we bought new coach speakers a while back) dot dot dot

We have coaches from the 70's . . . new system has a somewhat different brake system . . . changes "we" applied over the years not withstanding . . .

Just a fore warning IF you plan to replace one
I am sorry you are experiencing problems with the new train already. Our coaches are Chance Coaches but the sound system has been replaced and is not original to the train. Our system and speakers is not of the best quality at all but is suprisingly working pretty well this year for the first time in a while. I knew that there was a new braking system on the new trains. I hope that things start working out a little bit and you all can get operating it soon! I drove a brand new one recently back in May... it was a dream to drive after driving my old ones for 9 years now!
To anyone interested...Our company, Katiland Trains, also builds a replica of a CP Huntington style locomotive. We build a beautiful unit that is very similar to Chance's at less than half their price. Our units can be powered by gas, diesel, propane or electric motors. We offer an Ipod stereo/PA system. Coaches with handicap ramps, side steps, etc. Most of our parts are interchangeable with Chance parts also. Our biggest difference is our braking system. We use disc brakes, air over oil and our trucks use coil over springs and the same style 12" wheels. Our parts are reasonably priced. Our rear end gears are machine cut stainless. The older parts on Chance coaches are worm gear brass which will wear out sooner. Our drive axels are cut from 2" solid 4130 pipe so they don't wear nearly as fast. Our locomotive is approx 3" longer than the Chance model which gives a little more leg room in the cab. Our cooling system consists of an aluminum radiator and electric backup water system that pumps the water from engine to radiator which doesn't overheat. We also rebuild and restore Chance trains and have our replacement train that your park can use while we are restoring your train so that you do not have any down time during the rebuild. If your park is interested please call us at 951-294-4599.


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Not withstanding that reply, Severn Lamb does make some good quality park trains.

They even make live steam, and can custom build to pretty much any scale/gauge you desire. They've even built live steam big boys, in what I think is 15" guage. Of course being custom built they're also custom priced, the rumor I heard was the big boy cost a cool $1 million... But if you've got the bucks, they're fantastic. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.