Steam (and GM Diesel) in Bosnia 2010 - 14: State Railway Exchange (50 p.)

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Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 13: Photo Freight - 33-504 on the State Railway (50 p.)

We return in the afternoon of April 8 2010 to Zivinice, where we had arrived some time ago by photo freight behind 33-504. Now we were waiting for the class 62 from Djurdjevik which was supposed to pull us the rest of the way on the connecting line to Djurdjevik mine. From there news had reached us saying that the steamer had troubles with the air pump.

So, there was plenty of time to take portraits of (with) the class 33. A lineup of the remaining two giant freight steamer classes with five coupled wheels in regular service worldwide:

Waiting continued and I made a short supply run to town procuring Burek for an improvised lunch. Another problem arised with coal and water running out for 33-504, which cleverly didn't even start the day fully stocked. Eventually the story ended well with the loco just reaching Bukinje without taking any damage.

After an almost 2 hour wait finally 62-111 (Djuro Djakovic, built 1956) rolled by, but there still was work to be done on the air pump.

The steamers changed place.

33-504 returned home soon, residents of Zivinice were already used to the sight of 62-111 as it regularly came by several times a week. However, that was only the case if Djurdjevik mine was working, which would not happen until the end of April 2010.

So, we had to take the photo train further... another futile attempt to start without fully released brakes.

Finally it worked, and we went by bus ahead to a well-known spot where the line was traversing Zivinice town.

Thanks to the walking pace of the puffing dinosaur, turned black by regular service, a chase on foot posed no problem.

Afterwards we took the train to the next spot in Gostelja river valley.

Last photo stop in the last light of the day next to first spring flowers.

We rode the train for the remaining part of the 5 km long line, upon arrival the sun had already disappeared from the valley.

The survey if we wanted to return for a night photo session after the long, hard day resulted in a landslide negative vote. But the following morning would be excellent again, look forward to it in one of the next reports.

Now I would rather like to concentrate on the state railway exchange stations with mine and industrial railways:
Ljubace was situated halfway between Zivinice and Bosanska Poljana and was junction of the connecting line to Dubrave mine. ZFBH trains to Banovici left part of their empty wagons back and picked up loaded ones on the return trip.

The driver of ZFBH 661-323 (GM A2465 / built 1970) took over orders for continuing to Banovici in the afternoon of April 6 2010 (that morning we had visited Bukinje workshop). On the western horizon the beautiful weather of the following days was already announcing itself.

The points for departure had to be set using a key by the signalman.

With loud noise the original GM was set into motion with its long line of empties, only few were left for Dubrave this time.

Less than 10 minutes later 33-236 (Henschel 28142 / former DB 52 817 / built 1944, transferred 1952 from DB to JZ) approached single loco from Dubrave mine.

With a drag on the cigarette the crew was welcomed.

33-236 and the very private place of Ljubace.

An urgent assignment.

As always in Bosnia: if things had to be done fast, they were. Departure after just 3 minutes reversal stop.

View towards Dubrave: the connecting line was leading straight ahead east, the ZFBH-line to Banovici turned 90° to the south. We will return to Ljubace in the travelogue part about Dubrave mine.

The largest town of the area next to Tuzla was Lukavac, from here tracks led to several industrial facilities, including the coke plant Global Ispat Koksna Industrija, where the ropeway across Lake Modrac was leading which I showed in an earlier trip report. The coke plant was operating older diesel shunters and also was in possession of stabled Belgian-built four-axled steamers.
Most important for us was Sikulje, operating a class 33 (next report part), and Lukavac soda factory, using a class 62 for the rare exchanges.
The state railway line led from Tuzla via Bosanska Poljana to Doboj, freight traffic was operated by class 661s, passenger traffic by former Slovenian FIAT DMUs of ZRS (Railways of Republika Srpska).
A Fiat Zastava welcomed us on April 7 2010 at the main station, there was another "Lukavac town" halt closer to the centre.

661-307 had hauled a monstrous train which was separated here.

Always a nice change: former Austrian "Bundes"busses operated by "ROAD".

The skewed radiator grilles of class 661-300 built in 1970, operated nowadays by ZFBH and ZRS, provided an especially "mean" look.

A look back at the train departing eastwards.

At the eastern end of the station this funeral home owned an interesting collection of old European hearses.

Equally interesting traffic on the neighbouring road, a former ÖBB bus.

Instructions for hay stack building - the steam train already approached in the distance...

Even the farmer took a short break for this:
62-638 (Djuro Djakovic #638 / built 1955) of Lukavica soda factory pushed a single tank car past us - malicious tongues among my colleagues were comparing the little train to a steam-powered ladies' plastic toy... ;-)

Sadly, trains from the soda factory had become sparse after an economic downfall, the wagon was pushed to save shunting manoeuvres.

Viewed from a school destroyed in the war and kept in that state, also frequently visited by spraying youth since then: 62-638 returned home.

Soon afterwards diesel shunter 734-013 from the coke plant arrived.

One of the few places along the trip where I could hardly bare to stay as a Bosnian.

Loudly roaring departure towards the coke plant.

Even louder was the GM-sound on April 9 2010 in a garden at the western exit of the station towards Doboj.

GM-thunder, a photographer... more interruptions of a quiet lunch for these nice people can be seen in the next part! :)

In the afternoon of April 9 ex-SZ 813/814-039 Doboj - Tuzla of ZRS reached Lukavac.

And returned punctually to the minute at 17:32 - to the left you can spot the track from Sikulje open cast mine, more about it next time!


Photo Critiques Welcome
Working steam and a sunny day. What more could a guy want?

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