Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

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Any trips up the Feather River Canyon scheduled for October or November? The autumn leaves should be looking good.
I'd love to but probably not as I just don't have the time to do it right. This time of year there is barely any sunlight in the canyon and it is only there for a couple of hours. It's a 2 hour drive up and back, which leaves very little time to actually shoot in decent light. That and I have a four day trip up to the Lower Klamath area on Veteran's Day weekend to shoot bald eagles and other raptors which pretty much is taking all the spare time I have for a road trip.
Here is what our air quality looks like currently, due to the fires 140 miles north of us. The crane and other construction equipment are for work on the bridge over a creek that runs into the bay. The location is a future transit center that will feature a future stop for the Capitol Corridor.

Through the Smoke
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