[RS/MNE] Railways between tourtles and snakes (now with all photos)

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after a long time, I will present you photos from my Summertrip to Serbia and Montenegro. We started our planing month before. At first we thought about a roundtrip from Serbia->Montenegro->Albania(->Nordmazedonien)->Serbia. But there was a problem. You can´t drive with a rental car from Serbia to Albania and Kosovo. So we planed without Albania. Nordmazedonien was only a daytrip, only when the weather is bad in Serbia. In the thread I will show you some extra pictures from our trip.

Montenegro is a small land with a small railway. There was three railway-lines. The mainline from Belgrad-Bijelo Polje-Bar and two secondary lines from Podgorica to Nis and from Podgorica to Albania. The last one was only freight trains, but that was only a few trains in the week. After the earthquake in Albania in the end of novembre, the railway traffic was out of order.

15th June

My trip started in my hometown Wennigsen (Germany). I take the train from Wennigsen to Hanover Airport. In Hanover I meet my friend Max.

Our plane in Hanover Airport.

In Belgrade we take our baggag. But the customs officer wanted to check our luggage again. While the luggage was X-rayed again, the woman stood far from the screen. Welcome to the balkans. :D

In Belgrade we get our car, a Audi Q2, and drive to the next mall. There we build two ladders, hedge cleepers and a saw.

Our first stop was in Velika Plana, a small town southeast from Belgrade. We found a nice hotel in a small street.

It was time for the first beer in Serbia.

The dinner, typical balkan, Pljeskavica.

16th June

Time for the first railwayphoto. We wait in the morning near Velika Plana for a local service from Nis to Belgrad. 412 099, a clean train. Normaly the local train was a classic train with locomotive and 2-3 waggons. But a clean 412 I have never sean in Serbia.

The B1334 (Theassloniki-Belgrad) was to late. So we change the location and drive back to Belgrade. In Resnik, a bigger village near Belgade, I found a good place. In Resnik the railway lines from Belgrade go to Montenegro and Nis. We stand on a brigde. But the brigde was never finished.

Behind us, the bridge ends.

And this is a typical class 412 in Serbia. I haven´t a number of this railcar. This train comes from Ovca and ends in Resnik.

Than comes the two long distance train´s. At first B431 from Belgrade to Bar. 441 604 and at the end from the train a waggon for cars.

The second train was the B1491 from Belgrade to Sofia. It was only two railcar´s. This train operated only in the summermonth. 441 701 was modernized a few weeks ago. The rest of the train shows the descent of long-distance traffic. A duty bulgarien "Halberstädter" (ex-DR/DB) and a duty serbian waggon.

Then was time to drive to Podgorica. It was arround 300 miles, but you need more than a half day for the route. The Speedway was partly finished on serbian side. But over 80 percent was a normal street.

Near Uzice.

And that was the border between Serbia and Montenegro. The serbian side.

We arrived after 10 hours our hotel "Evropa" in Podgorica. Directly at the station.

Dinner ;-)

17th June

At the morning, the weather was not so good, so we look a little bit around. We visit the old road to Bar.

A small vine-village in the mountains

Old french cars.

The mainstreet

Free running horses.

Here you see the city Bar and Susanj.

At the afternoon the weather was better.

412 041 with a local train from Podgorica to Bar in Sutomore. More from the viaduct later.

461 031 with a freight train in Susanj. The train leaves Bar a few minutes ago.

461 043 with the local train P6102 from Bar to Bijelo Polje.

18th June

P6100 from Bijelo Polje to Bar in Sutomore with 461 041.

Me at the Mountains.

Old road to Bar.

The station Sutomore with P6103 from Bijelo Polje to Bar. 461 043.

The day was very hot, so we make a short break at the adriatic coast.

The water was a nice cool down.

Later, we take a photo from P6102 from Bar to Bijelo Polje with 461 029.

Here you see the Skadar-lake. In the background must be Albania, or near the border. 461 041 with P6159 from Podgorica to Bar near Virpazar.

P6104 with the local service from Bar to Bijelo Polje in Virpazar.

Dinner, with Podgareci Popeci.

19th June

461 029 with P6100 from Bar to Bijelo Polje at Aerodrom.

Our next stop, the cemetery from Vranjina.

461 035 with B430 from Bar to Belgrad in Vranjina.

The B433 from Belgrad to Bar was very late this morning. We take the photo in Sutomore.

We drive back to the mountains.

Construction site?

In the Evening, we stoped at the viaduct again. 412 042 with P6158 from Bar to Podgarica.

And the nighttrain B432 from Bar to Belgrade with 461 043.

20th June

461 029 with P6100 from Bar to Bijelo Polje between Aerodrom and Podgorica.

So we visit the other mountains.

Near Bioce was a nice photo point. You can only get there via the tracks. In this area will be a lot of snakes.

461 030 with a empty car-train to Serbia.

461 035 with B430 from Bar to Belgrade.

461 029 with P6103 from Bijelo Polje to Bar later in the valley.

21th June

461 029 with the local train P6100 in Podgorica.

461 043 near Klopot with train P6103.

Then we make a last bigger trip to Croatia for a pizza :D

Ferry near Kotor.

A croatian fire department in Konvale.

In the Evening, we wait for P6104 from Bar to Bijelo Polje in Sutomore.

461 029 with B432 from Bar to Belgrade at the Skadar-lake.

We standing on a wall from a old Fort.

22th June.

One of our last photos in Montenegro was taken with 461 029 and the B433.

After the morning, wie drive to Nis, a bigger city in the south of Serbia. We need the half day for the trip.

23.th June

The weather was not so good, but we do our best. At first we look for the classic train PT4901 from Nis to Presevo.

441 748 with the local train in Brestovac.

After this photo, we drive to the railway-line Nis-Dimitrovgrad. That is our favourite line. This railroad was in bad condition. For aroaund 70 miles, the fast train needs 2,5-3hours. A freight train 5-8 hours.

711 048 with RE5904 from Dimitrovgrad to Nis in Ciniglavci

The station of Ciniglavci.

We drive back to our hotel. The weather was to bad.

24.th June

The weather was not very good this morning. So we look for more photopoints at the railway.

A old german bus from KVG Braunschweig in Nis.

Tak, the original?

We have a small damage, after we hit a hole in the street. We hope that a service station can help us. We found a shop near Pirot.

He drilled a screw in the front. It was not noticeable when it was returned.

In the afternoon our first photo of this day. A "Kennedy" with a freight train in Crvena Reka. 661 152.

25th. June

The Nisava near Ciflik.

661 302 with a coal-train to Nis near Sinjac.

The same train, later in Klisura.

A last photo, in the background Bela Palanka.

In the evening, I must look into the fire department from Nis. ;-)

26th. June

661 154 with a empty train to Dimitrovgrad near Bela Palanka.

Later, in the afternoon, we see a freight train to Nis. 661 154 near Sopot.

The same train in Ciflik.

And two pictures was taken in the area around Bela Palanka.

In the evening, we wait at a railroad crossing for a train, but there comes only the B1491 from Belgrade to Sofia. 666 001 with two wagongs.

27th June

666 001 with B1490 from Sofia to Belgrade in Bela Palanka.

Later, we see a coal train in Dimitrovgrad with 661 318.

The same train near Sukovo.

Two miles later, near Pirot.

And a few miles behind Pirot.

28th. June

667 001 Kombinovani Prevoz with a freight train in Klisura.

661 154 near Bela Palanka.

A few miles later, we get the train again.

Crvena Reka.

And the last photo in Dolac.

So we drive back to Velika Plana. It was the last day in Serbia.

29th. June

After we washed the car, we drive to the bridge in Resenik.

That was the B1334 from Thessaloniki to Belgrade with 441 701.

412 018 with the local service from Ovca to Resenik.

441 710 with B1491 from Belgrade to Sofia.

444 007 with a mixed freight train.

The last train in this morning was 441 604 with B431 from Belgrade to Bar.

We drive to the airport, bring back our car and wait for our plane.

I hope you enjoy my thread.

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