Question on a RR Sign I found

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I was wondering if anyone could give me any info and potential value on this sign. I've cleaned it up a bit and it could use a soak in Muratic Acid but overall for where I found it its in decent shape. any help will be greatly appreciated. If I decided to sell this how would I ship the darn thing? Thanx for your time. Swiz
Muriatic Acid is what they use to clean up old rusted beer cans and license plates with. It shouldn't do any damage to the paint but I do appreciate the concern. I'm hoping to find more signs in this dump. I'm thinking that this one was most likely thrown away with several other signs when they put up the newer ones. Any idea who the maker might have been, what year it was issued? I'm sure there's still plenty more here to be dug out. This one was only 5 feet down and if I'm right then the dump is going to be a shallow one with an average depth of 7 feet for the deepest spots. I gave her a quick bath with soap and water. I'll get a clean up pic or two of it later. With the original post this thing is 6 feet tall so if I do ebay it I'm gonna have a tough time shipping it. Swiz
It was dug out of the ground in Montgomery County, N.Y. in a dump that dates between 1870-1930. Does that help any? Swiz
Well Hello neighbor! Washington County boy here :D
Yes the location does help, because it can help us figure out what railroad it may have belonged to. In your region, at the time, would have been the New York Central, Delaware&Hudson, or Possibly a Shortline RR as well. Do some research about what RR's were in your county or other nearby counties as well.
There was the F.J.& G. Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad. There's also the railroad that I get all my insulators from :D. the one that runs along the river through Fonda all the way to Scotia and beyond. Would the specific town it was found in narrow it right down to the specific rail or just give a rough idea as to which railroad its from? I'm still wondering on the age. My best guess would be between 1880 to 1930. The dump I'm digging has bottles in this age range right where I found the sign. I'm not sure when they tore down the F.J. & G but I think I can find out with a quick web search. Swiz


Railroad Historian
Advanced Warning Sign

Yes that is an advance warning sign that was used before the yellow RXR sign that is now standardized.

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