(Pre)-Alpine Connections - 3: Buzzing and Hissing (50 p.)

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The video for this series (please set to 1080p quality / full-screen mode):

Welcome to the local railway special of the series!

August 18 2017

My Munich hotel "Jedermann" was situated along tram highway Bayerstraße.

Early morning impressions on Hacker Bridge next to the main train terminal.

Almost parallel departure of TGV 9576 to Paris Est (scheduled 6:23 a.m.) and railjet 265 to Vienna Hbf (6:24).

Also early up: a well-known Munich railway enthusiast and very hospitable guide to me for two days.

Still (again around Munich) in scheduled service: class 420.

Where are the... keys?

Back on the bridge, then I returned for hotel breakfast.

Advantage of local knowledge... :0)

Some sightseeing: surfers on Eisbach Wave.

A Lokomotion "zebra" was departing München Ost shunting yard just as we arrived.

August 17 2017

On sweltering Thursday afternoon, we toured the Munich hotspots - a squirrel takes what it can, including 103 245 which does not run regularly anymore!

As we approached the road bridge Am Nockherberg, I only just managed to raise the camera to catch RE 27005 to Simbach with class 218 top and tail. I planned for a virtual tram meeting - and unexpectedly a class P unit passed by, usually not running during the summer holidays!

Fitting yellow press headlines for my stay at Munich.

One of the two last P-coaches in regular operation - 2005 with trailer car 3037 - shortly afterwards at Ostfriedhof stop.

Thanks to an ambitioned car chase I caught it again at Großhesseloher Brücke loop and several more times.

The reason for increased tram services: "Löwen" (TSV 1860 München football club) fans keeping faith with their club even in 4th league arriving in droves at Grünewalder Straße stadium shortly before kick-off.

At the Eastern Station, EuroNight (40)295 to Rome (Milano) shunted to the main station - indicated on the display to the left: Bahn-Touristik-Express (BTE) auto train DPF 89150 München Ost (instead of Lörrach) - Hamburg-Altona rerouted due to the Rastatt line closure.

August 18 2017

We followed the Südostbayernbahn and captured this view of Dorfen with RB 27027 München - Mühldorf.

Class 628 near Mühldorf.

Class 77 (247)-heaven Mühldorf: Three Euro Cargo Rail (a DB Cargo subsidiary) freight trains departing shortly after each other.

British clearance gauge of class 77 to the left, taller Ludmilla from Luhansk to the right.

Next, I took a class 628 DMU to Simbach and continued home via Neumarkt-Kallham and Linz.

July 19 2017

One month before, I already had visited Neumarkt-Kallham early morning. LILO (Linz Local Railway) ET 22.107 (SGP-ELIN / built 1951) took me to Pötting.

R 8103 returned at 5:55 a.m., shortly after sunrise.

I can only recommend visiting the line on a weekday morning with this old-timer still in operation, constantly buzzing and whistling.

Niederspaching junction meeting with Stadler GTW EMU connection to Linz.

A large hall had been erected at Peuerbach terminal. I moved on to Lambach via Wels.
Vorchdorf local railway still is operated by two formerly German Extertalbahn units sold to Stern & Hafferl in 1969, meeting here at Stadl-Paura.

River Traun bridge at Lambach.

ET 20.109 (Waggonfabrik Rastatt - what a coincidence -, built in 1956) leaving Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting towards Lambach.

Meeting of the generations on two gauges at Vorchdorf: E 24.010 (Krauss-Maffei / built in 1910) had been transporting metre-gauge Vossloh Tramlink for the Traunsee Railway to Gmunden. In the background a "Cologne" unit only operating one morning service to Lambach on school days. ET 24.103 (Grazer Waggonfabrik / 1912) is a heritage vehicle.

July 20 2017

Next morning, I visited the Gmunden tram. The connection to the Traunseebahn under construction was about to be completed soon.

Running on this still "smallest tram operation in the world": GM 8 (Lohner-Werke / 1961).

Past lit Schloss Orth on Traunsee, the line climbs to the mainline station.

The new terminal at the railway station with Tramlink 129.

The ÖBB portion also had been modernized.

R 3406 operated by a Cityjet passing old technology at Altmünster am Traunsee station... I also recommend a visit here, before all class 1142s have been replaced.

April 28 2017

I visited the east of Upper Austria in spring, when I was greeted by our president as the maypole was erected on Steyr oldtown square: :)

April 29 2017

Tanago organized a lovely two-day photo event on Steyrtal Railway "like in the 1970s". The first day, 298.102 was in service, the oldest Austrian 760 mm narrow gauge locomotive built in 1888 (ex-Steyrtalbahn #2 "Sierning").
This class had also been ordered by other local railways in Austria-Hungary, amongst others the Italian Mori–Arco–Riva Railway. One of these engines, former Südbahn 40.02, was in operation in Romania until 1975 and later sold to the park railway of Omaha Zoo, USA. Others of its class are also still operational.

April 30 2017

The second day we had 498.04, a development of BBÖ (Uh 4, built in 1929) at the classic Sommerhuber Mill ensemble which sadly soon is supposed to be partly decimated.

Extras with milk churns and a beetle with old Upper Austrian number plate on April 29 2017.

A handful of photographers walked to the unique street halt Letten, and we were in luck with car traffic on April 30 2017.

A lovely day - warm, but under snow-capped hills - was approaching its end.

July 30 2017

Another narrow gauge highlight this year was the one-of-a-kind visit of Saxon class IV K 99 1542 from Pressnitztalbahn on the Ybbstalbahn Bergstrecke museum line. Carthusian monastery Gaming and thunderclouds in the background on one of the three weekends of steam operation (their regular steamer currently is under repair).

Across Hühnernest trestlework viaduct, a very rare construction method in Central Europe.

On Pfaffenschlag summit the sun shone again.

August 22 2017

We end this mini-series back at home on the Viennese Local Railway running through Guntramsdorf village streets.
Great pictures and narration as always Ronik. Where can I get one of train drivers hats so I can be authentic when I run the Riva 395.104 at the Omaha Zoo? Tom
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