Passenger Special in Omaha

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Passenger Special in Omaha

I wasn't on top of my game today and got some blah photos... Lack of planning at its best!

1. Durham Museum

2. Approaching Summit Westbound

3. Still Approaching Summit Westbound

4. Summit

5. Return Trip... Look at all that haze!

6. Eastbound Approaching Summit
Still good pictures, and the first one is actually quite nice. And if it helps, I shot 4 trains Saturday and not a keeper in the bunch. That's what I get for trying to "expand my horizons" and try something different. :eek: (but I did learn a thing or two...)
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Regardless if you where not on the top of your game Brad those are still some pretty good pictures sir. Is the trailing SD70M just rolling right? I know the SD70M are not DPU equipped.
Nice shots Brad. It's interesting that both units have the later style cabs and flared radiator grills.
May be they were trying to trick the passengers thinnking they were being pulled by new ACEs ;)

Could have fooled me because it wasn't that long ago when I realized that square nose wasn't exclusive to the SD70ACEs
nice stuff.

You got that antique black signal bridge at summit in your shot. That thing saw plenty in its life. Probably some coal soot on it even. They are still nice shots. We like you even when your shots aren't PERFECT. :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to