Oil Can id question

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I found this can at an estate sale. I'm not a RR expert by far, but here is what I know about it. The owner worked for the railroad (New York, New Haven & Hartford RR) and died in 1961 at 92 years old. This can was at his son's house who just passed away at 95-moral, I think the can is pretty old, but I'm not sure how old and I'd like some help pin-pointing it a bit. I imagine cans like this were used over the course of several decades, so it might not be possible, but I figured I'd try!
Dimensions are 31" tall and about 4.5" wide at base. Has the NYNH&HRR marking stamped on it.




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Here's what a NH modeler had to say about this artifact:
However it appears to be an oil can from around the 1900-25 era. I'm no
expert on these things but just the way it looks manufactured of tin and
the rolled metal handle that is soldered on. You can just barely see a
seam in the can in the handle. That means it was 'rolled'and formed.
That makes it older. Newer cans were stamped.

Bill Shanaman

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