Nostalgically Northwards - 5 / ScanRail Tour 2004 - 15 (51 p. / 1 v.)

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As "Nostalgically Northwards"-special I include a multimedia-slideshow with videos, photos and sounds from the Saxon narrow gauge Döllnitz Railway in September 2016.
These Tanago photo charters featured 19th century Saxon I K #54 (newly built in 2009 at Meiningen) with rebuilt heritage wagons and extras in period costumes for one afternoon. The rest of the weekend was spent with Saxon IV K 99 574 and varying freight compositions including standard gauge transporter wagons typical of this 750 mm line.
The train for photographers was hauled by 199 030 (former ÖBB 2091.010). The local model railway dealer also provided his Robur GDR-era lorry with extendable ladder for a couple of scenes.

To the multimedia-slideshow:


August 26 2004

We departed properly nostalgically northwards another time in August 2004, from Vienna Western Station - nowadays disused by international express traffic - boarding EuroNight 490 "Hans Albers" to Hamburg Altona. ICE 29 arrived from our destination 20 minutes delayed.
Next, we will return to our still unfinished travel series by ScanRail Pass – this ticket has been discontinued since.

Class 101, ICE 1 are history in Vienna, also the ÖBB P-class sleepers, one of my favourites.

We reached Hamburg Altona soon after 8 a.m. on August 27 2004.

The Marschbahn connection to Westerland on the island of Sylt was ready to depart.

At 9:30 we crossed the Kiel Canal.

Colourful compositions on and below Hochdonn high bridge on May 23 2017 with RE 11016 Hamburg - Westerland.

On August 27 2004, Westerland beach presented itself very windy.

InterCity 2505 "Deichgraf" to Frankfurt departed Westerland terminal at 1:35 p.m. - if the exhaust-fumes are blown away vertically, you know: it's North Sea diesel! :)

Lovely weather...

... time for an excursion to Hindenburgdamm - when else do you travel into these parts from Vienna? Only 13 years later, as it turned out.
At 3:30 p.m., I had hiked the stretch from Morsum station. A Sylt Shuttle was approaching from the distance.

RE 11000 Westerland - Hamburg on May 23 2017 during sunrise at 5:37.

A decade after the end of the Bundesbahn-era.

IC 2577 "Sylter Strand" Westerland - Dresden on August 27 2004.

Due to the open landscape you can often capture train - and animal - meetings.

Class 218- and 215-double headers.

Rebuilt class 215.9 only were in operation between 2003 and 2008.

IC 2500 "Nordfriesland" from Frankfurt approaching the S-curve.

A class 215-pair towards the mainland.

"Chicken Run" and more... as I walked back to the station.

RE 11031 thrashing away from Morsum towards Hamburg with three 218s.

218 119 was the oldest of its class spotted that day - built in 1971, ending its service life only one year later.

The sun came through as I waited for the train back to Westerland.

Next morning, August 28 2004, we were greeted by a sunny Sylt.

Sun and clouds at the car loading terminal.

National goalie side job?

Hindenburgdamm in better weather - but no luck of a train meeting.

On May 25 2017 on the other hand...

RE 11026 Hamburg - Westerland hauled by DE 2700 09 reached Klanxbüll at 8:17 p.m. on May 22 2017.

The evening light at Klanxbüll station shone perfectly across empty flat wagons as a full auto train to Sylt passed by before the holiday on May 24 2017.

IC 2311 "Nordfriesland" Westerland - Stuttgart accelerated on the single track section south of Klanxbüll.

On August 28 2004 our train departed southwards from Niebüll.

Class 215s at the car loading tracks.

On May 24 2017, almost the same view presented itself more colourful. An Arriva Lint DMU was waiting as through connection to Esbjerg in Denmark, the DB-daughter meets its parent company here.

On August 28 2004, this Nord-Ostsee-Bahn-composition brought Intercity through coaches from Dagebüll Mole, shortly afterwards IC 2501 "Nordfriesland" Westerland - Frankfurt arrived.

The line to Tønder was also operated by NOB at the time, railcar-oldie T 3 (Maschinenbau Kiel #513 / built in 1959) with strange split livery - different on each side - was in service.

After a short ride, at 10:30 a.m., we had crossed the border - you changed to Arriva here. Ex-DSB DMU MR 4013 (Uerdingen #83012 / built in 1978) arrived from the north.

We did not go all the way to Esbjerg but waited at the junction with the double track diesel mainline, Bramming. Shortly before noon, our DSB IC3 unit towards Copenhagen was approaching.

A three-hour crammed ride later - at least we found some seats in the already narrow interior by design - the capital was reached.

Impressions of the beautiful main station hall.

Fourth generation suburban trains produced by Alstom and Siemens.

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