Nostalgically Northwards - 4: Coypu, Chicken and Horseshoe-Curve (50 p.)

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Nostalgically Northwards - 3: Along Sázava River (50 p.)

The video for this series (please set to 1080p quality / full-screen mode):

October 9 2016

At Ledecko, we took the train for a change and visited the already known spot between Sázava-Cerné Budy and Samopse on track-level.

Next, the train took the right line to Kolín at Rataje nad Sázavou junction behind the Sázava bridge.

We had scouted this spot before and named the horseshoe-curve after the animals found here:

The same scene on video:

Spontaneous photo opportunity including a passing old-timer at Hate led by the very swift local railphoto-enthusiast-crew.

We caught the train several more times, like here on the Viaduct pres Polepské údolí near Cervené Pecky.

September 16 2016

In this report we continue somewhere else, with an unequal race at Prague main station featuring R 980 "Lipnice" from Brno just a few weeks prior.

Caught it!

A train had been shunted...

... "Otik" approached...

... something historical for over a year: CityNightLine Prague - Zurich.

I only took it to Riesa that evening, the following photos from narrow gauge charters at Oschatz will be shown in a "Nostalgically Northwards"-special soon.

May 19 2017

Next time "nostalgically northwards" I started by EuroNight "Metropol" from Vienna towards Berlin, which also does not run anymore since the recent timetable change a week ago.

May 20 2017

I had a deluxe sleeper compartment to myself, due to a delay after a disruption during the night I could enjoy my breakfast as we only arrived at Dresden at 9 a.m.

My further plan: a Tanago photo event at museum loco shed Wittenberge from Saturday to Sunday afternoon featuring GDR-era steamers 50 3570 and 50 3682, plus plenty of enthusiasts volunteering as extras in a historic setting.

We also moved to the tracks out of the yard, notice the second loco in the background.

May 21 2017

During this trip, I had booked three accommodations featuring rail views: Sunday morning I caught EuroCity 173 "Hungaria" Hamburg - Budapest in front of my station quarters Bad Wilsnack – formerly station building and only recently adorned with frescoes of the village history.

After 9 o'clock, we started again at the shed.

Lunch break.

I left a little early and continued my trip further north. In this picture you can spot my next accommodation: "Villa Sommer" just next to Bad Doberan narrow gauge station. A few moments after I had arrived by Desiro DMU from Wismar, 99 2324 was encountered shunting.

Villas and street running along Goethestraße.

Surprisingly car-free scene in front of Prinzenpalais.

May 22 2017

Bad Doberan at 6:30 in the morning:
Regionalbahn 13106 Rostock - Wismar and 13107 Wismar - Tessin both arriving on platform 1, then the Desiro towards Tessin took the passing loop. To the left narrow gauge diesel 199 014 "Otto", built in 1962, was shunting coaches at the "Molli" depot.

A bus took me to Heiligendamm. The home signal from Bad Doberan probably is the last with "negatively" painted semaphore arm in Germany. The weekday-only early "Molli" commuter train departed at 7:05.

Heiligendamm seaside resort, as "commoner" you had to walk around the luxury hotel to get to the beach, also setting for a NATO summit a few years back.

Heiligendamm is the scheduled meeting point for trains of the Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn: MBB 14613 to Bad Doberan to the right, the engine crew of which is greeting arriving MBB 14612 to Ostseebad Kühlungsborn West.

May 26 2017

A few days later, I visited a friend living in Bremen.

GT6 3561 was the only old tram unit spotted that Friday evening (and further weekend).

During a cycling tour to Überseestadt on May 27 2017 I managed to capture these rail images:
EVB 266 001 (ex 304 51 / MaK #500041 / built in 1966) and 365 130 (ex V 60 1130 / MaK #600445 / built in 1963) in front of Roland Mill.

On a Thursday holiday, May 25 2017, I enjoyed the bustle at Hamburg harbour.

On May 26 2017, I travelled to Bremen via Cuxhaven. Shortly before departure, this nostalgic class 218 passed Hamburg main station.

I spent May 22 - 25 2017 along the Marschbahn to Westerland (Sylt).

My hotel "Klanxbüller Stuben" once more featured a view of the line, RE 11011 Westerland - Hamburg passed by at 6:45 a.m.. DB had taken back over the regional train operator contract on this railway at the beginning of the year, so colourfully mixed replacement compositions were in service.

The first morning, I took the earliest train from Klanxbüll to Morsum on Sylt and after a brisk walk just reached a 5:30 sunrise at Hindenburgdamm. A class 245 was approaching with the first Sylt-Shuttle of the day, train 1400.

I have never seen as many wild rabbits as on Sylt - hundreds of them, you could have just picked them up.

I moved on south: a class 245 with push-pull composition as RB 11923 Heide (Holstein) - Itzehoe on the 7276 feet long Hochdonn high bridge opened in 1920 across the Kiel Canal.

Bus stop Dreeßenweg at Hochdonn with InterCity 2315 "Deichgraf" Westerland - Frankfurt.

IC 2311 "Nordfriesland" Westerland - Stuttgart on the very busy single track section behind Klanxbüll often causing delays.

At Niebüll, I met the international connection towards Danmark - you can guess where this series is going to continue.

At Lehnshallig passing loop between Niebüll and Klanxbüll, the signalmen protected garbage bin lids against the North Frisian winds with a heavy brick. One of the Sylt-Shuttles also was hauled by class 218s.

Back at Klanxbüll in evening light.

Only once I spotted a Eurorunner class loco, ER 20-001 sporting a provisional "DB-cookie" logo.

Even at 9:15 p.m., holidaymakers still were travelling towards Sylt island Wednesday evening.

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