Nostalgically Northwards - 1: Signalman Fido (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

The video for this series (please set to 1080p quality / full-screen mode):

April 3 2017

We start to the north of Vienna, at S-Bahn halt Obersdorf, from the platform you have this view of what is left of the Stammersdorf local railway. At sunrise, R 7206 from Groß Schweinbarth approached the current terminal of the branchline.

August 31 2017

In the last months of its service: EuroNight "Metropol" from Berlin - which will be cancelled upon timetable change in December - plus EN 407 "Chopin" from Warsaw, Krakow and Kosice - which will stay - shortly after sunrise on the Northern Railway at Helmahof, with morning commuter traffic moving along the road towards Vienna.

In regular service on Mon, Tue, Thu is six-axle heritage-loco 1110.505 of NLB on the route Moosbierbaum-Heiligeneich - Mistelbach. Viewed from Vienna Siemensstraße station it is negotiating the so called "Italian Loop" which had been constructed in forced labour by Italian POWs during WWI.

April 30 2016

Barman /-woman at the Pleasure Pub or cook at the hotel? That's the question in front of Hrusovany nad Jevisovkou station, Southern Moravia, Czechia.

We had not come for the job adverts, but for "Albatros" 498.104 on its springtime excursion from Brno.

The special arriving at Lednice branchline terminal with T478.1001 first.

The need for a barmanka definitively is given on the train.

More innocent, alcohol-free pleasures at the fishponds of Lednice.

Os 4518 Breclav - Znojmo at Valtice.

Regular weekend-sprinter 1828 Satov - Brno-Královo Polje hauled by 754.023 on the Thaya River bridge at Znojmo.

Old-fashioned livery on Os 4615 at the mainline halt Ladná.

Freight traffic was rolling on a Saturday as well.

July 1 2016

During summer, I went on a two-day trip. EuroCity 131 "Varsovia" was conveying the fabled Russian sleepers to Varna and Burgas in Bulgaria at the time, sadly into both directions not behind the engine.

Staré Mesto u Uherského Hradiste is a diesel eldorado as well.

Locos for the express trains to Luhacovice were changed from class 150 to 750.

Big station, old livery: Uherské Hradiste.

At Kyjov signal box.

Sp 1733 "Zurán" Brno - Bylnice departed at 6:32 p.m.

Os 4154 Nemotice - Brno-Zidenice was commencing its evening journey on March 3 2015.

To the left "Gare d'Austerlitz", also known as Slavkov u Brna station - Napoleon's battle against Russia and Austria took place in the vicinity.
Back in July 2016 a meeting with Os 4157 while reaching Brno at sunset.

For the night, I slept at a hotel on some sports grounds near Brno-Zidenice station.

July 2 2016

I departed early by Os 4612 Breclav - Tisnov, where I could change to one of my favourite diesel locos. As part of the "Pernstejn-Festival" - sadly reduced over the years - some regular trains were formed of nostalgic stock. For the ride featuring "Bardotka"-sound watch the video:

Near Bystrice nad Pernstejnem, I expected Sp 1636 "Pernstejn" Brno - Zd'ár nad Sázavou. We find ourselves in the source region of Sázava River and will visit its other end near the confluence with Vltava River during the course of these reports.

At 10:40 a.m., 464.202 (Skoda #3378 / built 1956 - the last steamer constructed for CSD) nicknamed "Rosnicka" ("greenback") rolled downhill, past forest huts and disused uranium mines.

One hour later its older sister engine 464.008 (CKD #1667 / 1935) steamed up the grade.

After some time waiting with dragonflies on the pond, the special returned behind 749.250.
Brno main station was already partly closed for reconstruction, but I managed to return home to Vienna by railjet.

October 6 2016

Three months later I boarded another railjet, this time to Prague. While reaching the main station you are greeted by this view of Masarykovo nádrazí, especially nostalgic that Thursday.

To the left an impression from a nicer summer day, in rainy autumn I immediately joined the crowd of commuters travelling towards Kladno.

At Kladno, sadly I could not board any of the plentiful regionova DMUs, but had to endure a bus replacement service to Luzná.

Another regionova stood ready for boarding at Luzná u Rakovníka, I used the dry perspective from its windows to enjoy a private spectacle. Our engine for the next day - 555.0153 - was shunting coaches from the railway museum. The "Nemka" ("German" - "Kriegslok") had been built in 1944 at Vienna Floridsdorf as German Reichsbahn 52.7620, stayed in Czechia after the war and was sold to Yugoslavia in 1960. Until 1990 it was in regular use as 33-502 at the Bosnian steam paradise Krka, in 1991 it was bought by Austrian club 1. öSEK and in 2001 by current Czech owners KHKD. We were about to use it in a photo special as always perfectly organized by Alex Loidl of ÖGEG und his Czech partners with CD Cargo.

Sp 1680 towards Jirkov took me to Krupá. As this sleepy village does not offer much accommodation choice, I had to walk through the rain to Motorest Na Sustne.

October 7 2016

In the morning, I walked back to the station in better weather. First the photo special had to give way to 742.362 taking wagons to the local coal loading facility.

Roses and coal after the rain.

The rain provided new photographic possibilities. The train was formed of a class Bp (renamed to Bpjo in 1983) double decker unit built in Eastern German Görlitz in 1965. I always had wanted to catch these on a photo charter.

Slightly delayed departure, the crew had to hurry as the line to Kladno was about to be closed again for maintenance during the day.

Beets for winter have been stashed away - good-bye steam train!

Stop at Nové Strasecí.

Departing on time shortly after 9 o'clock.

A wave from the nice female station master at Stochov.

Commencing rain provided a nice soft filter for this forest scene at Kamenné Zehrovice.

The lady in charge of Unhost' station did not favour us for some reason, but a few nice pics were possible nonetheless.

While waiting for crossing trains we experimented with new decoration variations for the regionova - what do you think: ? ;-)

Delayed R 1225 to Prague rushed past us.

That's my picture of the day. :0)

Arriving at Jenec past the well-known semaphore signals.

This is how the station looks in summer.

And in autumn - just imagine a Soviet-era aircraft instead of the CSA ATR 42...

An energetic departure towards "Prague Semmering", ...

... were we captured the downhill train with a nice steam plume. Subsequently, we ate lunch at a Prague pub.

Lunch break paid off: afterwards it looked like this - see you next time! :)


Great photographs as always. I enjoy your style of rail photography. Keep posting on this web site! By the way, what is a "Praque Semmering"?
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