North Louisiana & Arkansas updates

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The Engineering company has been selected and the bids for the clearing of the line from Lake Village, AR to Lake Providence, LA are being advertised right now in the newpapers. NLA now has a full time crew and is operating most days from Lake Village to McGehee. Section work is still provided by D&R crews. Delays seem likely, but we are still trying to get the line open in the first half of 2013.

Thank you for your interest, I will try to answer any specific questions you might have.

Tim Robbins


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web site or newsletter for arkansas short line, llc

is there a web site or newsletter for the arkansas short line, llc railroad family to keep up with news on the NLA and other lines?


That is on our to do list but we haven't got around to it yet. Bid opening for clearing of line to Lake Providence is tomorrow 1/17/13. We are still trying to be open by June.

No. We have provided as need service since late 2011. The carloadings are picking up to the point that the train moves 5 days a week/2 shifts. The track condition limits our speed. We are lucky to get 2.5 trips per week in. The track work has been bid out and we hope to get up to daily service by the end of September on the section we own. If we could get the cars over the road, we have 100+ cars/month from Lake Village and we still are waiting on the states to open their track. If I was to guess, that won't be until the end of the year.

Tim Robbins
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I will try to get some picture up in the next week or so.

We have start tie replacement at Lake Village working north. The tie gang is near Macon Lake as of friday the 25th. This first pass the tie gang is changing every 4th tie. After this pass, we are going to do more tie work, surfacing work, and bridge repairs.

Also, we are shipping SW-1 CSR 22 renumbered NLA 22 on Monday the 28th from Camden to McGehee.

Tim Robbins
Any new updates on this line? I often detour through Mcgehee on my way home from work hoping to catch a glimpse of you guys. A friend of mine spotted NLA 22 at the Union Pacific Yard in North Little Rock a couple of weeks ago. Would love to check you guys out.

Eugene Jones
The contract for the rebuild from Lake Village to Lake Providence was signed this month, work is to commence by 10/31/14 and has to be done by 3/31/15 -Railworks was the successful bidder. The last 2 cars of cottons seed are leaving tomorrow for McGehee and that will wrap up train operations until the cotton harvest.

The 22 is at Jenks shops for a wreck rebuild. The UP had a little trouble bring her over from the CSR. We expect the engine within the next month.

Based on the cotton crop and the contracts in place, after harvest starts, we expect to run tri weekly turns to McGehee until the south in is open and then tri weekly turns to Lake Providence will start.

I haven't posted much because everything seems to get delayed and delayed, but I'm happy to answer any questions.

Tim Robbins
Arkansas Short Line Railroads


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wonder if you could update us on the progress being made on this operation from McGehee to Lake Providence . any photos would be greatly appreciated. at one time last year you mentioned McGehee to Lake Village was still in operation.

Ben Pettis
I've been working for the Arkansas Midland Railroad for a year now and the last time I worked in Mcgehee Yard, which was back in August, we sat over some Covered Hoppers along with your usual Cars for the Cotton Seeds. Did you guys get another business along the line that uses the Covered Hoppers?

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