North Coast Limited

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When I was growing up we used to take the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited or the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha from Montana to visit relatives in Northern Indiana. In the 50's rail service was so much different to what Amtrack tries to provide. These trips I think I enjoyed more than getting to our destination. My two favorite places on the train was the dining car and the dome car.

We lost passenger rail service when Amtrack decided to keep the Empire Builder across the northern part of the state instead of keeping the southern route the the NP ran.

The model railroad club that I go to is in the basement of the old Northern Pacific Depot shown in the video in Livingston, MT. I recently custom painter and A-B-A set of diesels for my version of the North Coast Limited.

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Bill Anderson

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Those models look very good. It is hard to duplicate the two shades of green as they varyied in old photos due to age, type of film, etc.
The color did fade a lot with time. Here's an A-B consist that has been weathered, You can see the difference in the color compared to the passenger car behind the B unit.

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