Niles Canyon Railway Southern Pacific SP 9010 the ONLY Krauss-Maffei Munchen left

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How the glass looks. Rich says this is the best glass cleaner around. Sells at Target for $4.00 for a two pack go buy some!

PS I have no idea what Howard wrote on the paper (electrical diagram) I just wanted people to see the glass is in.


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Don't worry about getting an exact match for SP scarlet. The SP was notorious for filthy diesels. Those "bloody noses" never stayed scarlet for long.
Was the glass broken/missing from the cab of the 9010 or are you upgrading?
Was the glass broken/missing from the cab of the 9010 or are you upgrading?
SP lowered the windows because the first set let WAY too much sun and heat inside the cab.

The windows were broken and I found proof Tuesday....

These are original sliders that were in the Krauss when it was retro fitted. The glass was broken when she sat outside at the CA State Railroad Museum.

The real item wanted here are those original plastic slider handles (and the metal piece from the bottom of the one window).

Windows that will be rebuilt by Beeline Glass. These slider windows are pretty darned heavy and broken by still together in pieces.

Headlights for rear door (rear hood).

Rear hood ready to be painted Scarlet Red

Quite a chore to correctly mix the paint and special mix-ins to make the paint the correct consistency.

Howard really can do anything... Here he paints the rear hood. I swamped the hoses for him so we have before and completed pictures only.

How to prepare the hood doors for painting. Using Suede Gray for the inside doors. There are twelve doors, four short ones and 8 tall ones like these.

First all of the inside sound insulating is air hammered and needle gunned out, cleaned up, washed. Then a rust preventative is painted on and let dry for at least two days.

The door must be taped on the already painted outside so that no over spray gets onto the paint (Dark Lark Gray paint there).

For anyone seeing that motivational woman on the wall....

Yes! Yes in fact I DID place that metal poster up there!

Howard always asks me "Dee, Can you do ....................????" I respond "Yes, yes I can!" and when I saw this I had to have one for the barn.

After I placed Rosie up there (the next day!) Howard pulled me aside first thing in the morning (6 AM) and asked "Did you put that up there (as he pointed)... Why yes, YES I did....His response was great "GOOD!!!!" it stays!" I was tickled because the only things up on the walls in the car barn are a picture of the SP 9010 being lifted in the air by two huge cranes on a calendar and a regular calendar.

Howard has completely painted the engine hood now all that is left is to paint the inside of the remaining hood doors (Suede Gray) and place them onto the hood. This will take a bit of time for the doors still need to be completly cleaned up, rust remover painted and dry then paint them. They will be attached to the hood and then the doors will be removed to lift the hood onto the locomotive by a crane later this year (most likely this year).

Renting a crane that can lift such weights is a very expensive cost for us working with the SP 9010 and any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. If you ever want to see your money at work just follow along here or on facebook and the proof is literally in the pictures.

With six more doors to be cleaned then primed with rust converter the shop was a pretty tight squeeze for a bit.

Then we would start to put the doors on after Howard completed painting the side hinges for the doors.

6 doors do you think they fit?

Nope we moved several several times. We use a gantry crane and two old farts (Howard and I) do do all the moving, attaching un-attaching and reattaching.

NOW they fit YES!!!!

We did get all the doors in the correct places. Before we pick up this engine hood we will remove all of the doors to lighten the load. We do not want scratch doors when this hood is lifted.

Pretty sure I will mark them all correctly before we do the removals! Learned my lesson!
Do you guys know what these are?

Pretty cool collection.

These are CLASS Classification light covers. The rear hood needs two and our two do not match each other. A kind friend of the SP 9010 offered Howard to choose a few!

I found these just like this and started to take the paint, dirt, grease and off of them so Howard could easily pick out two matching covers.

These will be installed later on and after they are cleaned up they will be safely stored away until it is time to set them in the rear hood.

View attachment 88414
Recently, two special visitors arrived at the car barn. So we stopped working and invited them inside for a tour. The gentleman is from Germany and in Germany visitors are NOT allowed inside a rail yard.

As we walked around and showed them the locomotive you could watch the delight in his eyes to see this special engine form his own country.

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