Niles Canyon Railway Southern Pacific SP 9010 the ONLY Krauss-Maffei Munchen left

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In case you missed the facebook posting about the painting of the engine (motor) I am adding it so you get the best information from Bob Zenk.

Southern Pacific 9010

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Sometimes, lying down on the job is the only way to actually do the job!

PLA volunteer and inexhaustible resource Dee Murphy continues her transformative work on the only operational Maybach Mercedes-Benz MD 870-Series V-16 turbodiesel in America.

When we brought SP 9010 home to Niles Canyon, all interior machine space surfaces wore a dull and flaking overcoat of SP-applied Sea Foam Green. Now that Motor No. 91168 lives and breathes again, that shabby look no longer matched the beautiful Suede Gray refinish of the neighboring Radiator Hood mechanicals.

Dee has applied herself to the task as thoroughly as she's applied a freshening coat of the original Maybach RAL Moss Gray. It's a subtle tone darker than the Suede Gray, and both carry just a hint of green that complements the darker Apple Green chassis parts color.

What a difference it's made. Thanks, Dee, for your SP 9010 involvement in three dimensions!

The unpainted side is being done now while the picture of me laying down is the side Howard (NCRY/PLA) plans on showing off to the crowds May 10, 2019. Will you be here???!!!

The bottom is a picture of the engine from the facebook page as she looked 54 years ago.

These air filters seem to always have metal filters in them. When I walk past Howard is steadily taking out the metal fins and tossing them into the recycle can. The frames will be bead blasted and painted black and a new filter will be fitted in (I am unsure of what style will be used). There was old leather gaskets inside the small opening that was a challenge to remove but with some help from various tools it all gets removed.

The red paint is body filler for the weld marks and the filters go above in those slots.

Most of the engine is painted. One interesting thing is the two paints used and the spelling of grey/gray.....

One is Moss Grey and the second is Maybach Gray and they are different tints but the lettering is different also.

One time while I was painting Howard walked over to me and said that is the wrong color! Well, Howard was correct so I laughed and went over and wrote on the yogurt container where that paint really belonged (the grey/gray issue again).

I still have to ask what color goes on what pipes because some are engine pipes while others just pass through the engine area and are painted the other grey/gray.

Please note that great job Howard did of covering the blue radiator style piping with heat resistant black tape to look original (blue was the only color large enough to fit the pipes)

Not a part of the SP 9010 but Gerry came up with a little red wagon and these parts from the SP 5623. This is a brake stand that is in need of repair and between the two gentlemen they called a friend and figured out what to do to make this work correctly again.

These filters are heading out to be power washed and cleaned up. There are twelve in all and on most Howard is working on taking out the metal strips that make up the actual filter part of the air filters for the engine hood. A different material will be placed into these frames for filtering of air from the air intake system (along the louvered doors of the engine cover).

The metal is recycled and the frame itself has leather inside the grooved area that is/was a gasket which is removed as it is cleaned out.

Cab Flooring

How the guys recreated the flooring plans inside the cab of the SP 9010.

Each piece was cataloged and charted and then printed out so that Howard can cut the linoleum to the correct size.

Do you know what #17 is?


Dark Lark Gray paint. Used on the main parts of the 9010. A few minutes of mixing and it all is ready to go.

I got smart and started to label where the pints go because one day I was painting the engine pipes and Bill walked by and said "That is the wrong color!" So I went and labeled the colors and some have where they are used. DLG is easy it is everywhere!

One of the last spots on the locomotive that needed paint.

Two coats will do then the door will be closed and locked up to prevent it swinging open when she is moved.

The other area is right next to this unpainted section they are both over the left front truck.

Various parts and places along the 9010. The blue plastic went up so that Greg the paint contractor was able to paint the lower portion of the 1195 while the 9010 stayed inside the barn.

Which is redder? We decided to see which Scarlet Red is scarlet red???

1195 on the left side and the SP 9010 on the rightside.

PS The lighting inside the car barn has A LOT to be desired!

Beeline Glass came out and is making windows for the cabin of the SP 9010.

Howard will hold up the cardboard for Rich from Beeline Glass to trace the exact size out.

At 6:20 AM Rich showed up at the gate. I just happened to drive up behind him and knew he could ONLY be waiting to work on the SP 9010.

After walking up to the van I told him I would handle the gate and welcome to Brightside Yard.

Seeing as I have never watched windows being "made" I decided to ask him (too) many questions. He was wonderful and told me all about what he was doing.

After Howard helped with the diagram/outline he worked on the glass cutting and fitting.

Rich uses these tools to cut the double sided automobile glass. Each window has two pieces of glass with a plastic sheet (clear) in between the glass pieces. This prevents the window from shattering apart in an accident.

He used oil and a then some alcohol to literally heat up and melt the plastic after he cut the glass. You cannot see the flame but you sure can watch it move along the area prepared and feel the heat.

Rich heated and worked the glass to bend it over. Then he sliced it (plastic) to remove the last stuck parts and removed the glass piece.
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