Niles Canyon Railway Southern Pacific SP 9010 the ONLY Krauss-Maffei Munchen left

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36 installed radiators. All radiators paid for by donations to the SP 9010 account. Do those working on the SP9010 appreciate all of the donations large or small? You had better believe it!

One donor sent us two step platforms and he saw them in use on several pictures on the Southern Pacific 9010 Facebook page and he commented on how glad he was to see his actual donation in use. Well, since I am always using them I can assure you all donations are greatly appreciated.

Still inside the cab and new flooring going in. Howard took poster board and cut them out to the exact size of the original flooring. Then he cut out the already purchased (9 years ago) vinyl period correct flooring to place it in the cab.

The actual job that Howard "hired" me for (We both volunteer) was this one..... On the Krauss-Maffei are eight shocks and springs under those shocks. The springs are installed currently (you would have to lift the body of the locomotive off the trucks to access the springs). Where these openings are, were VERY dirty and greasy. I was given the job of cleaning up these areas. First question Howard asked me (he was slyly
smiling ;) ) Ever needle gun? ???

Umm, Nope, never even heard of a "needle gun" so I have no idea what you are talking about. Howard lead me to a door on the engine hood (it sits on a wheeled stand in front of the locomotive and handed me this tool......


Okay? So... No, no Howard I have never seen, used or even heard of this. How does it work?

Oh Dee you just do this... He tipped it down and gave important instructions on angles and pressure and that I would do fine.

I was given an "unimportant" area to work on and away I went. I needle gunned and needle gunned.... I went full bore and being new I knew that I had to get this right or I would be back on the streets looking elsewhere for a fun job to do. After several hours of work and then several days of hours of work! I found this Little needle gun had broken! Uh OH now I had to go tell Howard I broke his tool and needed a new one. Pf to Harbor Frieght Howard went and he brought back a new one.....Within one full day I broke that one too!

(Me speaking only here) ....... As Howard pondered whether I should even keep working I am sure. Howard realized that the air pressure coming from the air compressor was over 90 pounds and he brought a regulator for me to add to the hose end. Now, that solved the issue of me breaking the inside hammer that makes the needles move and I was once again (two broken but a new one purchased!) ready to go. I worked that poor machine and the compressor harder than most anyone had before and proceeded to clean all 6 areas that hold springs and shocks under the carriage and into the trucks of the 9010.

Well after getting these cleaned up I washed the areas down with soapy water a few times because nothing with the 9010 is clean. Howard wanted the original color to be painted inside Dark Lark Grey

Thankfully there are some shop vacs around (cannot always find a hose but...)


At 11:00 it is lunch time! Usually, I am making lots of noise and have no idea what time it is. Since everyone wants to eat in piece the guys will just walk over to the timer switch on the compressor and turn it to off cutting off all my working power and yell out "Lunch!"

Yippee lunch is well deserved and much needed.... Then of course it is this (Howard) What desert did you bring today?

There is ALWAYS more dirt! More grease and more walking. Of course there is something like 68 feet in length and 11 feet in width for the 9010 and I am ALWAYS at the far end of everything.

More cleaning areas

Since I could not reach into this small narrow space with the needle gun I had to come up with a solution. I took a meta pole I found around the car barn, placed a qucik tie on the gun to hold pressure onto the handle (taped it down after a few failures) amd ran it on its own to clean up the gunk under here. Took awhile to get it all to clean out because there was very little room to move the gun around.

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Here is Car Barn cat he lives at Brightside and has chosen the SP 9010 to live underneath, This is as close as he let's us get to him. He always makes sure we feed him though!

The gear you see belongs to the Number 1 Transmission but that transmission is not there ad will not be there.

That is a raccoon paw print.

This shelf had 6 shocks and parts to be placed into the area they belong on the trucks. The first two had been installed a long time ago by another volunteer.

Earned a new tool!

Air Hammer does the trick for taking off the 54 year old insulation on the inside of the radiator doors. 12 doors and all need cleaning. One great part of this is Howard has decided to send the doors out after they are cleaned to a shop with a large sand blaster area then primed and returned. This will make them much cleaner than I can ever get them.

These 12 doors will then return and be finished up with bondo (never did that before either) and prepared to be painted.

Let me say that when this sound deadening insulation comes off it flies off! Look at the chips on the ground around the hood area.

Now the doors are heading down to the end of the car barn to be cleaned up better before they are loaded into a truck and taken to the sand blast shop.

Howard made numbers (L20 here) for each door to show where the door goes when it is returned to its correct spot on the radiator hood. Small piece of metal stamped with side and door number and riveted on is all it takes.



I got my own shop now! These steps were donated by a gentleman who wanted his donation to be fully used on a daily basis! Thank You kind donor! I use these all of the time!

Getting them down to the metal is easier with the air hammer.


Then all of a sudden it wasn't!

Geez!!! I blow out two needle guns and now one more of these hoses. I also am always looking for air horses due to so many others also working with these air horses in other work areas.

After the 12 doors left it was time to get the Number 2 radiator hood painted. Any painting on the SP 9010 is completed by Howard and he is very good at what he does.

The locomotive was removed from the car barn to provide room for the scissor lift to move to the far side by the wall.

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