Minor loaded coal train derailment in Auburn, WA?

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Last Train to Clarksville
My dad was just telling me that around Noon today he was driving through Auburn and saw 4 or so loaded coal cars off the rails (tipped at an angle, not laying on their sides) in the Auburn yard. The fire department was on the scene and had a couple of the road's lanes blocked.

Anyone know anything about what happened?
I went and took a few shots tonight after a friend called and gave me a heads-up. Not much to tell, as I don't know what happened. They often do switching of loaded coal trains in Auburn, probably to reconfigure them for the dumpers or to set out a bad order. I'm guessing they were shoving and split the switch.

The main challenge is that it's where all of the yard tracks as well as the north end of the Auburn siding feed together and then either onto Main 2 or the Stampede Sub. There is a northbound freight in the siding there and they would have to back out onto the main before proceeding north.

1. Not great pics, but you can see a handful of loads leaning, as your dad described.
2. A northbound coal load eases past on Main 2.
3. Shortly thereafter, a southbound train of stacks and racks rolled through with a nice mix of power.





MP 6.7

needs to get a life. ;)
Man, I was waiting for that V-CHCTAC to leave Seattle ALL DAY...looks like it finally got through that mess after the light left...:rolleyes:


What is your malfunction?
The cause of the derailment was a rail that had broke or sheared while the train was departing the yard on the north lead onto the siding, luckily the speed limit is only 10 mph, it destroyed a #9 turnout but a new turnout has been ordered and should be at Auburn sometime next week.


What is your malfunction?
We put in emergency panels for the time being but one track is still OOS due to the fact that the #9 turnout was destroyed, I don't know if they moved the cars that was tied down on the crossover from the lead to the siding.
A #11 was ordered instead of a #9

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