Mare e Sole 2017 (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

An unexpected long weekend just one week after my return from the still snow-covered USA allowed me to catch the first glimpses of sun and sea this year, during three largely cloudless days around Trieste. Enough of this winter! Additionally, I still had a list of planned shots I wanted to take in this area... I already would have left on Wednesday, but that day a general strike was announced in Italy.

March 9 2017

I took the 6:00 a.m. bus on a rainy Thursday morning to Vienna Meidling station where I lost traction on an escalator and fell down a few steps. With a slightly bleeding palm of one hand (later treated after a visit to the farmazia) I followed the delays of commuter trains due to - according to announcements - an accident. Later it would turn out that at 5 a.m. this morning a couple of freight cars had become loose after all their handbrakes had failed and rolled several kilometres down the Südbahn mainline. My EuroCity 31 towards Venice was rerouted via the partly single-track Pottendorf line against the flow of trains to Vienna, resulting in more than half an hour delay which could not be made up for until Udine. That's why I did not catch the first connection to Trieste - but at least my EuroCity had not caught the freight cars, so we were alive. I continued the journey by R 20969 departing at 12:50 and immediately got off at Miramare. In the afternoon, a cloud layer of the leaving front still stayed above the coast, but on the horizon the sun already was announcing itself.

Probably one of the least inviting signs at a railway stop - the reason for it seem to be all the private residences around the station, even most of the lovely station hut is part of a private house.

The entrance to Miramare Castle park.

At Grignano harbour the sun was slowly sinking below the clouds...

... and the mood along the Alps became one of those breath-taking moments on this planet.
The railway was helping, too - due to technical difficulties trains currently were only creeping up the cliff at a slow pace. That way delayed Frecciarossa 9758 Trieste - Milan could be captured at the same time in the top right corner.

In the next two pictures you can also spot trains - but it's not that important...

I took bus number 6 operating every fifteen minutes from Grignano harbour to my Hotel Milano in the city centre near Trieste Centrale.

March 10 2017

After a nice breakfast I explored Trieste.

The whole following week the weather forecast showed cloudless skies. On Friday a stiff breeze provided abnormally good visibility.

Once more the line was closed - for the third time during my trip. The Guardia di Finanza speedboat helped at least to find a single Spanish-built CAF EMU on the Barcola Viaduct. The overnight express from Rome did not show up, bus replacement traffic had been installed.

Townhall at the Piazza Unità d'Italia.

I walked uphill to San Giusto Cathedral.

12th century mosaic.

I climbed further to the fort offering great panoramic views from its fortifications. Next to a strange composition in port with small yellow shunters, you can spot R 20968 to Venezia Santa Lucia in the background above the yellow cranes - train operation continued as usual.

View towards Miramare Castle and the Alps.

At 1 p.m. I walked to the station.

The sleeper coaches of the night train from Rome somehow had arrived here.

InterCity 594 to Roma Termini departed punctually. Platform 1 to the right was being renewed.

I boarded RV 20974 which took me to Bivio d'Aurisina.

Same procedure as last September - however, back then in 30-degree midday heat - I once more climbed the cliff path near Aurisina.
For comparison see "Eastern... Alpine Tour? - 1: O Romeo! (50 p.)":!-(50-p-)
RV 2451 from Venice with industrial Monfalcone, Duino Castle and the Alps.

Suddenly I noticed a view you only get during the vegetation-free season, standing on a wall (not above the drop) - here with R 20978 to Udine.

I returned to the Miramare-viewpoint, but this scene could also be seen from here above the treetops:

As well as the giant viaduct of Aurisina on the line from Villa Opicina. Before four o'clock – with this side of the bridge still in the shade - a freight train showed up, and I already was satisfied as any traffic could not be taken for granted. But at 5 p.m. suddenly this colourful container-train appeared in perfect evening light!

And the third view with wonderful fluffy deep blue Adriatic Sea in front of the Istrian peninsula... all from one spot!

One of the - on this line – very rare long-distance express trains arrived on time, Frecciarossa 9758 Trieste - Milano.

March 11 2017

Next morning, I packed my bag and took the bus to Miramare after an espresso breakfast in the Italian home city of coffee.
To catch Intercity Notte 775 from Rome I dared to take pictures at this highly forbidden spot... ;-)

Afterwards I enjoyed sun and sea next to the castle.

With less wind came more haze - on the cliffs: RV 2452 to Venice.

Instead of the fishermen I was entertained by a local troubadour.

RV 2212 to Venice.

Once more.

IC 594 in midday contre-jour on the Barcola viaduct.

And again, to the right below the pyramid-shaped church of Monte Grisa from where we had taken those wonderful steam shots last year (see linked report above).

Back at the station RV 6023 passed by to Trieste, then RV 20974 took me to Udine.

I rode the city bus to the old town centre.

And enjoyed the first gelato of the season on Venetian-style Piazza della Libertà.

Without wind in the afternoon sun it already became quite warm.

Nice parking spot for the Ferrari.

Back at the platform, the station master returned to his office after the departure of an FUC (Ferrovie Udine Cividale)-DMU to Cividale.

R 21009 Tarvisio - Trieste arrived.

To the right the FUC semi-fast train to Villach, Austria – departing just a few minutes before the EuroCity into the same direction.

Two class E405 freight locos.

Even push-pull rakes are shunted by diesel here.

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