Major News for the PRR K4 1361 Restoration Project

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Bennet Levin (owner of those gorgeous PRR E8's), made a very impressive announcement today (5/10/18)

Here's a summary of Bennet Levin's presentation regarding the future of 1361:

--A committee is in the works to oversee the project and alleviate the museum of responsibility for the locomotive's restoration, operation, and sustainability. Bennett Levin and Wick Moorman are primary drivers for this.

--The engine will receive an all-new welded boiler. The boiler will be cosmetically compatible with the current boiler (cosmetic rivets etc). The boiler will be built without a dime of taxpayer money; all funding will be private. The current boiler may be retained as an interpretive piece.

--The driving axles will be converted to roller bearings. Timken did all the engineering for the PRR when K4s 20 and 5371 were converted to roller bearings. The conversion was done in a way that did not require alterations to the frame. Eric Levin has acquired copies of the original Timken drawings made for the PRR for this purpose.

--The 6 P70RF coaches last used by the Austin Steam Train will be available for use behind 1361. The full proposed consist also includes one or more B60 baggage cars and the Horseshoe Curve Chapter NRHS-owned parlor Union League Club, which is also at the museum awaiting restoration. This creates an opportunity for a unified train of all-PRR equipment, which sets 1361 apart from most operating locomotives.

--The proposal is to use the full train not only in excursion service, but also as an educational, rolling museum akin to the American Freedom Train around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In this scenario, the B60 baggage cars would be converted to exhibit cars showcasing the state's history and the role railroads and industry played in it.

--This will be Bennett Levin's last hurrah.

--The Philadelphia Chapter PRRH&TS pledged $2,000 to the effort."


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In case you're not familiar with the 1361, it's a Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Pacific (4-6-2) that was previously restored to operation, only to be taken out of service after a short time due to various problems. It was then taken to Steamtown for a restoration, which poured a massive amount of money into the project only to not be completed and finally run out of money. The engine has been sidelined since due to numerous issue, the most major one being that the current boiler is too thin for restoration to service and the engine will need a brand new boiler, or major repairs to the existing boiler, before it can be operated again. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to