Luck continues! Right place at the right time...

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Railfanning Meteorologist
So there's a story to every video I upload...

My girlfriend lives out in the Millard area while I live just west of Ralston. Every night, when I head back home from her place I always slide through the 132nd and Giles Road intersection, mainly just to try my luck on the BNSF down there (cause we all know it's usually bustling with activity all day :D). Normally I pull through with never a sign of life, but with this being my lucky week that was about to change. Like I've mentioned before, I do not own a scanner therefore I go by sight for anything I can catch. As I'm pulling through the Giles Road crossing, I look back at the searchlight signal and notice it is green. Hardly believing that what I see is true, I quickly turn right onto 126th Street, cross the track again, and pull to the side of the road to catch this next video:

Taking to your friendly comments and advice, I did some editing on it this time. Still no tripod so it's again a bit wobbly but I suppose it could be worse. Be sure to let me know what you think of this one too! Enjoy!
Looks like you caught the M-LINLIN. (Lincoln Lincoln train)

The BNSF Omaha Sub is rather dormant. A couple locals, Amcrash, is about all you will see, at varying hours of the day and night. Z-CHIDEN/Z-DENCHI make occasional appearances as well.

When things get congested over the Creston Sub, Dispatcher will send empty unit coal across the Omaha Line making for a great time to watch westbound BNSF power tackle the grade near Ralston.

Go towards 76th and Main St, park in the alley on the south side of the tracks nobody will bother you there. But, yes, patience is a virtue to get any action on the Omaha Line.

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