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Regardless, of the crash worthy features... built in, I'd just as soon not put the equipment to the test; massive carries a punch. I wonder how the old high short hoods held up, in comparison - to the regular conventional cabs, in a head on?

I see Canadian Pacific has an order for 150 - four and six axle - new ECO units; they come with conventional cabs. One hundred and fifty... is a decent order; interesting, they're coming with the older style conventional cab. It's not like you can't put a wide safety cab, on a locomotive that size; in 1973, CN had 51 of it's 111 GP38-2's fitted with their, then new, comfort cab; and, all of their 123 SD40-2's were built with their custom comfort cab.

It appears conventional cabs still have some value; probably, because they're cheaper to build?

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Someone said Canadian Pacific's ECO's will reuse some SD40-2 components; but, the cab will be designed and constructed(built new) by EMD. I won't mind seeing a few more conventional cabs...

Recently, after all these years, it dawned on me, that I've never seen an "isolated" conventional cab locomotive; have I missed something... or is the isolated option, strictly, limited to modern wide cab units? Interesting, "if" nobody(manufacturer/Railway) felt the need... when it comes to conventional cab locomotives?

Are certain features, just arbitrary?

Greetings, it's been some-time...

Was wondering, did anyone(guys in the business) like working out of a "Canadian(comfort) cab? I used to dislike the sight of them... when I first saw them; but, as is "sometimes" the case, those blunt-looking abodes, grew on me... overtime. Now, one of my favorite locomotive features. I especially, like the look of those old CN Dash 9's.

The four-piece front windshield, seems like it would provide superior strength(protection) in the event of a rollover... two more steel supports supporting the roof, as compared to current wide-cab design, that utilizes just one central steel frame support, along with the outer-side contributions...

Was out driving the other day, and I noticed a yellow coloured locomotive, sitting in the number 2 position; the lead was a CP GEVO. It, the 2nd unit, looked like a UP unit, from that distance. When the train got closer, I could see, in large print, Electro-Motive... written on the side of the longhood. Where I live, yellow paint schemes are a rare sight. A few hours later, I decided to go look for the unfamiliar yellow locomotive; I knew it was heading to nearby Deltaport,to off-load coal. I found the yellow locomotive: EMDX1606 - a Caterpillar EMD Tier4 AC-traction locomotive. This unit has some resemblance, to a SD70ACe; but, it is noticeably different... i.e. the cab has teardrop front windows, and appeared more angular... The rear venting, below the dynamic brake, was horizontal... not vertical. I liked the look of this locomotive. Later, I googled EMDX1606 and read-up on the unit. Apparently, Canadian Pacific is working/testing the demo unit... The specs state, that it comes with a new 12 cylinder prime-mover, called the 1010; and a bigger, redesigned cab... I think EMD's SD70ACe-T4 would make a nice addition, to the Canadian Pacific rail scene.
Hi Bill, I actually did take a few pictures of EMDX1606; but, because of the distance... the unit came out too small, to actually make out any of the noteworthy details. So, I deleted the pictures. I was using my phones camera; and, the camera's X lens is useless, for distance shots. Years ago, I would have moved in closer... to get a good picture; didn't feel like trying to explain what I was doing... that day. If I get another opportunity... and I can get closer, then I'll try again. Good looking machine!


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