identifying locomotive bell

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hello everyone. new here but glad i found this site. i have a train bell i would like to identify if someone could help. its about 12in across the bottom of the bell about 11 in to the top of the bell, its air operated with i think is called a double clacker. i can't find any markings on it anywhere, it flat square mounting plate on top with 4 bolts. i have included a couple pics i info would be appreiated.
I need help in identibying a railroad bell

I have an old steam engine brass bell. It is about 16-1/4” wide at the bottom, and 21” high to the ball on top of the yoke. The yoke assembly is hourglass shaped at the bottom where it attached to the steam engine. It was scrapped at the Friedman scrap yard, in Portsmouth, Ohio, next to the Norfolk and Western yards, but I am told that it is not N&W. View attachment 123002

It has identifying numbers on it as: |2S55| or 12S551 see picture
Friedman scrapped engines from different railroads. They bought them at scrap auctions, so there is no real way to tell what it is from. The N&W would sell an 'engine and tender'. The tender might not be the one the engine used. It would not be uncommon to see a Y6b with a S1a tender!

Larry S.
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