I made a train station alarm app to help morning commuters and unfamiliar travelers

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As the title states, I wrote an Android application which alerts the user when they are approaching their destination. The main use case for which the app was developed is to act as an alarm for those sleeping on trains, either on their way to work in the morning or their way home in the evening.

The app currently supports the top 8 regional railways in the United States, including New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago. More railways will be added to meet demand. Station Master uses your device's GPS location as well as a small station database constructed by myself to determine your current station as well as if you're close enough to your destination for the alarm to be triggered. It's a very simple app, something I believe is in demand as all of the current official commuter apps are outdated and clunky.

Additionally, and most importantly, **the app is free of charge as well as free of advertisements**, which is why I felt it was appropriate to post here. I find it very fulfilling for people to use the applications I've built, so if you find this useful, give it a try and let me know your thoughts on it! The app is currently being built for iOS, so if this version is received well, I'll post again alerting people of the iOS version.

The download link can be found here on the Google Play Store:
I'm wanting to know more of the engineer alerter that has to be pushed routinely to show engineer is awake. How it works. the manufacturer. Any info would be apppreciated

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