How do you become a railroad welder? And what is it like

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Hey guys,

I'm a tech school student in Iowa, and I've currently transferred from diesel power technology at my school, to welding technology. I've transferred from diesel technology to welding because I feel like that I'm a more better welder than a mechanic.

My welding instructor told me that even though I may not pass the symbols & blueprints class (Which is a class that I'm kinda struggling with right now), that doesn't mean I can't do the internship if I want to with any welding company. He told me that I can either retake the class this coming winter, or I could just do the internship with the welding company that I plan to work for anyway. He told me that they require me to understand how to read blueprints and symbols while interviewing me for the welding job.

The number one company that I'm planning to work for is RELCO Locomotives in Albia, Iowa (Incase anyone has heard about it or not). There are still other welding companies that I'm planning to work for incase RELCO doesn't work out so well. But I'm still hoping that I could at least do the internship with them.

I thought being a welder for the railroad might be better for me that to be a diesel mechanic for them.

So I just wondering, how else can I become a railroad welder? And how much of a hard job is it? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to