Heads Up RSS Feed Now Available!

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Here's the url without the forum's automated shortening:

(It's not actually PHP code, that's just a trick to prevent the forum from truncating the url.)
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The new feed will make this topic a lot more useful. Now you can essentially check it all day long, via your RSS reader.

Hopefully that will make "Heads Up!" a lot more useful, and also encourage members to post more info here. If the topic becomes popular I may break the categories out into regions, such as West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, but it's too early for that.


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I think that would be a good idea, splitting the areas (West Coast, Mid west, and however you would want to slpit up the east coast)

I belive this is a great idea, as it kinda feels strang to read that there's a UP busniness train in Indiana (for instance), and your in California. What can you do? If you start such things as topic's for Union Pacific's Heritage Units I would gladly contribute.

Just me, still all together is a wonderful site. And this new update part is great!

Thanks again,

Please note: I noticed that the RSS feed URL has changed with the new XenForo software. I am a big fan of RSS feeds it works great. I edited the URL in my reader application which is Feedbro - it is a browser extension.

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