Gp35 dmvw 324

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The current Trains Magazine Special Edition No. 5-2010 "Locomotive 2010" has an excellent article by Evan Werkema titled "Something about the GP35". On page 64 he devotes an entire paragraph to Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western GP 35 #324.

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered this very unit in Cheney awaiting movement out to Western Rail in Airway Heights.

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Is it going for scrapping?
I doubt it. It is a nice clean unit with nothing missing, and the blue card shows it was in service in July.

There is a mis-perception that units going to Western Rail at Airway Heights are going there to get stripped and are then eventually scrapped. In some cases this is true but often it is not. The term "awaiting disposition" is perhaps relevant. I have seen units leave Airway Heights after being sold "as is". I have also seen them go from Airway Heights to Usk for anything from paint, minor modifications, or major rebuilding. It all depends upon what the customer wants and is willing to pay for.

Some of the units at Airway Heights that are in very rough shape, the 2 ex D&RGW GP30s 3026 and 3028, for example, have been parts doners and likely eventual scrap candidates. They were really rough when they arrived at Western Rail. This is also true of the ex IC Paducah units 8319, 8347, and 8305, although they could be rebuild candidates. These 3 have been there several years and have lost many parts. Others like the ex D&RGW 3149, a GP35; WRIX 6323, another GP35 in immaculate SP paint, I&O 251, a GP35, LCR 1761, a rebuilt GP9, UP 3312, a SD40-2, and BNSF 1400, a GP10 --- all of these are likely to see additional service in some form or another. The GP35s are possible candidates for rebuilding to GP38-2s at Usk. Both of the ex DM&IR SD38AC units, 201 and 205, have left Airway Heights; one went to a customer in Utah and the other went to Usk for modifications, presumably for another customer.

Former WC 2253, a GP30 reconditioned as a GP18, was used for several years as power for the Geiger Spur. It was sold to an industry in Manitoba and shipped after receiving some modifications at the Usk shops. It's replacement as power for the Geiger spur was 1617 a 1953 built ex BN, exx CB&Q GP7. It turned out to be a much better unit than anyone expected and continues to serve the Geiger spur, and EWG.

Please DON'T take any of my speculations here as gospel! Todd Havens, the Owner & President of Western Rail is a very intelligent business man who makes good business decisions based upon his customer's requirements. Western Rail has been in business since 1987. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to