Found an old Railroad sign, really old

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I found an old "table" it was in two pieces, a hideous shade of kelly green over about six layers of paint. It had an odd shape, obviously very old, lots of damage. But I flipped over the top and it was not made like a table. It was made, obviously, as a sign and had four holes for mounting. The back was hand built and unfinished, the screws don't appear to be machine made. It was a sign at least four times. But I can find the words or partial words, _AINE and I think CENTER and distinctly R.R. Railroad as the original layer. Another layer says STATION but it was the last "sign" layer and it was white, may have been over black, I haven't taken it off yet, I wanted to get what I could photographed. One layer obviously the second layer says Congress St. It was found in Virginia, as I said, in pieces and poor thing, badly misused and mistreated. The original was simple wood, black lettering, black upper and lower outline detail and a very old shellack. So, I'm thinking DC region probably. But the Railroad logo is definitely ONLY R.R. RAILROAD, not PRR. Fortunately that part was not repeatedly refinished. I cannot tell if AINE Center is correct. There is some shadowing before the A but it appears to possibly be decorative rather than part of a letter since it very close to the edge of the sign. Forgive me for no pictures yet but the cell phone I took them on had a rather violent introduction to a cement floor courtesy of an idiot dog. I'll upload if I can get it to work later. At the least it's an interesting puzzle. I'm a fan of old pieces. I pick up and rehab old stuff all the time. This is my first sign. Gee I thought it was a weird table. Oval center, with four corner details. It was awkward for a table, I will confess I like quirky. No wonder it was quirky, it was a sign. It's a very nice wood piece in and of itself, the wood is thick , heavy old and edge joined without anything but glue. One board has obviously separated over time, it gives me a good view to the lack of more modern joinery. The back is glue and butt joints. I haven't worked the back enough to see if they mortised the corner joints but it doesn't appear so. I'll have to strip off a few dozen years of dust goo and oil and things before I can find out. I may leave the shadow marks in the finished piece. But given the age of the paint layers they have to go and they have to go carefully due to lead concerns. Anyway, anyone with ideas, information, insight is welcome to weigh in. Is there somewhere I can look at or look up old station signs? Thanks for the help and for being here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to