Everett's Bumblebee Special in the local papers

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The fate of the Bumblebee Special at Jazweick's appeared in a couple Seattle-area papers today. According to the article from the Everett Herald, the owners' property taxes went way up, and they can no longer afford to keep the property. The train line hasn't been operated since 1994, and last I was up there, the tracks were pretty well overgrown and the ties rotted. The article states that the owners tried to give the train to Disneyland and a couple other organizations, but to no avail. I don't blame them for wanting to keep such a treasure as that train out of private hands.

I'm going to see if I can pay one last visit to the campus and ask if I can take some photos of the line, possibly the train, for documentation, and possibly offer a suggestion or two in the way of organizations that might be interested in preserving, perhaps even operating, the train.


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Yeah I read that article in todays Everett Herald. Never took the time
to check that place out. In the late 70's I lived very nearby and passed
the place everyday. I even remember back in the 60's where Broadway
was part of highway 99 and passing by that place. It was like Everett's
version of the Woodland Zoo in Seattle. Another sad story to add the
very long list of sad stories accumulating in these times.
I have some very vauge memories of that train. My dad took my sister and I along with grandma to ride it. It must have been in the mid to late 80's.


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That's another way for the city or state to rob you of your own land, raise the property taxes till you can't afford to pay and you have to sell.:mad:
This state and counties are corrupt, they don't care about you or how long you owned the property..:mad:


Guy with the green hat
Well, it seems the end has come for the bumblebee special. The forest through which the train once wound its way has been/ is being logged so the owner(s) can pay off the property taxes and move out.:( Pretty weird to see all the trees cut down and stacked up everywhere. You can see the old train shed where the locomotive is stored from the road now. While the train will probably move out with the owners, I can't imagine there being much left of the rails since the trees probably landed right on them.

And so the story ends...:(http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20110322/NEWS01/703229961/0/sports11
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What is your malfunction?
One thing for sure is that he is taking the Bumblebee with him and where ever he goes which will be safe and preserved.
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