ELECTRONICS QUESTION: Light sensor makes RR clock silent at night

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Robert Gift

former OL presenter
At a garage sale a railroad-themed quartz clock was given to me.

Every daylight hour it sounds distorted train sounds: choo-choo, bell, etc. (Now I know why they got rid of it!)

Also, a mee-mool light (o)T(o) on the face flashes.

I removed the speaker. Mee-mool light still flashes but not after dark. I want it to flash on every hour.

If I short the light detector, will that represent daylight and the (o)T(o) flashes?

Or should that detector lead be opened?

Thank you.


5th Generation Texian
It's hard to tell as they can be made to work either way. try this: attach some test wire across the leads of the sensor and see it that works. If it doesn't, remove the test wire and clip/cut one of the sensor leads. One almost has to work. Let us know.

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