Does anyone recognize this locomotive ?

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This is from a railroad stock certificate from the 1850's. The railroad was never completed but I would like to know if this stock certificate has an actual representation of the locomotive that would have been used for this proposed railroad. My goal is to create a model that represents the once proposed Clinton Air Line railroad.


Clinton stock.jpg


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Locomotive and coaches look totally imaginary, like an illustration from a toddler's book.
I'll agree that they're a simplified/stylized drawing, and not completely accurate. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say "totally imaginary". Compare this illustration of the London & Birmingham Railway Bury 2-2-0 passenger locomotive No. 32 heading a mixed train.



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I recalled that Bachmann made a couple models of early trains. What I didn't recall is just how close one of them was to what you're looking for! Check out the "Pegasus", it's nearly an exact match of what that drawing shows. It doesn't have a "cowcatcher", but the wheel arrangement and the style of the coaches are spot on. It also leads me to believe that drawing was based on a specific locomotive and cars.

They're long out of production, but you can find them on eBay and at train shows.

bachman pegasus.jpg


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Found it. Pretty sure anyway. Check out this Bachmann model of the B&O's Lafayette. The B&O was very well known, and it is quite likely that the prototype of this train served as the inspiration for that drawing.


This one is also out of production, and even when they were available they didn't run well or last long. But you can find them, and it would make a nice static display, or if you're really serious, you could replace the drive train.

Here's a link to a replica at the B&O musuem. They show different style coaches, not sure which ones would be accurate. The "stagecoach" style didn't last that long. Looking at the Bachmann model again, I think the curving yellow paint is probably supposed to represent the same stagecoach style passenger cars. So that's probably the right type. In any case, the general style is definitely there.
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