Dead Flat East '02-'08 - 5: Marchfeld (50 p.)

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Mainline East '03 - 4: Poprad - Bratislava - Vienna (50 p.)

In this special we take a look at the single track diesel line (soon to be doubled and electrified, as planned for decades) Vienna Eastern Station - Marchegg border station to Slovakia (also known as "Marchegg Eastern Railway": ). The photos are roughly ordered geographically, mostly from the time when ÖBB class 2143 and ZSSK class 754 "diving glass" diesel engines still dominated the scene. Also, a gem of international long-distance travel was using this line at least a part of the time ...

In the beautiful morning of June 8 2004 I went on my first proper photo session to Marchegg station. ÖBB 2143.056 accelerated the earliest EURegio of the day to Bratislava. The class 5047 DMU to the right operated on the Marchegg - Gänserndorf line.

On September 29 2007 classic trains already had partly been replaced by ÖBB class 2016 "Hercules" Siemens Eurorunner engine + CityShuttle push-pull train compositions. REX 2511 "Theben" arrived at 7:21 a.m. hauling the vehicle of interest behind the loco: the Ukrainian sleeper to Austria, on Wednesdays and Saturdays Lviv - Vienna, otherwise the full route connecting capitals, Kiev - Vienna.

On June 8 2004 it still was coupled to the Schlieren coach rake of ER 2507 "Adebar".

R 2508 arrived from Vienna consisting of one coach, and continued as R 7369 to Gänserndorf after reversing.
Meanwhile ER 2519 conveyed a Slovak couchette coach carrying numbers of express D 346/347 "Dacia" to Belgrade.

754.035 approached with ER 2510 "Roland" Vienna - Bratislava on September 29 2007.

Cross-border goods traffic was handled by class 771s from Devínska Nová Ves, on September 5 2004 771.052 pulled into the siding with a load of new cars.

Freight trains usually frequent the line connecting to Gänserndorf and the Northern Railway to the right used by fewer passenger services, the direct line to Vienna branches off left.

Next evening, I returned for a night-time photo session to Marchegg, 771.052 departing at 7:28 p.m.

771.073 had arrived with more freight from Slovakia.

A class 2143 double header entering the scene.

After plenty of action I boarded a train home at 9 p.m.

Late afternoon of April 4 2006 ER 2535 smoked out from under the old bridge at the Vienna end of the station.

During the Europe-wide timetable change in December 2007 the end of old engines hauling the EURegio trains was announced - of course a motivation for a couple of last-minute excursions. Final daylight on December 6 2007 at Schönfeld-Lassee with ER 2528 "Schloss Hof", continuing from Bratislava by through-coach to Komárno.

A class 2143 on final landing approach along the extreme straight to Untersiebenbrunn.

We have reached Siebenbrunn-Leopoldsdorf, until 2003 - when passenger operation was seized - junction of a branch line to Engelhartstetten. Today it still is busy due to the sugar factory and arriving sugar beet trains, I already did reports on this - see November 2007 "Steelmills? Coalmines? I prefer my industry sweet!" at the bottom of the index page:

Of course I captured EURegios passing by as well, ER 2523 "Roland" around noon of November 28 2007.

ER 2527 "Carpatia" two hours later.

On the Saturday of the timetable-change, December 8 2007, the very last "diving glass"-hauled passenger to Vienna in daylight.

Diesel-potpourri of mainline classes during past years, 2143.040 in green heritage livery to the left saluting ER 2528 to Bratislava to the right.

More light on November 28 2007.

Glinzendorf still is my favourite spot of the line near Vienna. Also, one of my favourite pictures: 2143.073 with ER 2532 to Bratislava passing the ongoing onion harvest on September 14 2006. Notice the variously opened windows of engine and coaches.

Same loco, other direction: ER 2533 "Grassalkovich" on October 17 2007.

HP's photo of this scene with ER 2537 "Istropolitan" on August 25 2007 once was on the title of "In vollen Zügen" magazine, however, he had a stronger tele lens on hand:

On July 31 2008 I still spotted the UZ sleeping coach at the rear of ER 2507 "Adebar" towards Vienna. Including 2009 it was using this route, from 2010 the connection from Ukraine was established via Poland and Czechia by D 407 "Chopin" on the Northern Railway. In 2012 it reached Vienna for the last time, in the end only running as required. At the moment the closest direct connection is the through coach Prague - Kiev via Chop and Lviv with EuroNight 442/443 "Bohemia" to be reached either at Ostrava or Zilina.

Sundown on October 17 2007 with ER 2536 "Marchfeldwiesel".

The last curve for the next straight 21 miles to Marchegg at Vienna Erzherzog-Karl-Straße with old ELIN factory halls in the background.

We have reached the Stadlau Eastern Railway Bridge crossing the Danube, known as "the Bridge" with Viennese railway photographers. 2143.073 crossing it on December 20 2004 viewed from nearby nowadays abandoned halt Vienna Lobau.

2143.029 leaves the same noisily early morning of April 9 2004 hauling R 2505 from Marchegg.

ER 2543 coming from Bratislava consisting of Slovak couchette coaches.

During summer the lateral perspective from the shore of the New Danube (a Danube side channel) is called for during sunset, seen with R 2561 from Marchegg on May 30 2004.

We cross the Danube towards Marchegg on June 8 2004.

2143-double pulling ER 2562 on June 28 2004.

R 2553 from Marchegg, a single coach train made even more special by 2143.40, on the Danube.

ER 2507 "Adebar" with sleeper from Kiev on April 9 2004 viewed from Praterkai halt.

And on September 12 2004 at the Viennese platform already supposed to be carrying footprints of photographers waiting there in the concrete - Haidestraße.

ER 2511 "Theben" entering Vienna Eastern station on June 11 2005 consisting entirely of overnight train coaches.

On June 27 2002 ÖBB Bmz coaches still were used in trains to Marchegg.

2143.018 ready to depart with R 2528 to Marchegg. That year only one through-connection to Bratislava existed, EURegios were only introduced in 2003.

R 2560 to Marchegg departing double-headed from Wien Ost on June 6 2004.

Good old .073 with ER 2508 on September 17 2003.

ER 2550 "Marchfeldwiesel" on June 28 2004.

Sunset on the New Danube, May 25 2005.

To conclude: the UZ-sleeper leaving Vienna in the evening - near Glinzendorf with ER 2540 "Russbach" on September 14 2006.

Sadly, not as sunny, but as classic express composition: ER 2542 "Hummel" on August 25 2007.

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