[D/HR/BIH]My year 2018 with 72 pictures

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I wish you all a happy new year.
A succesfull year comes to an end. After a rainy 2017, a sunny 2018 followed. Many pictures were taken in Germany and the former Yugoslavia. It was my first visit in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegowina. In Germany I have visit the Marschbahn, the railwayline between Hamburg and Westerland. From august to decembre there was a lot of freight traffic on the railway between Hannover and Altenbeken. This railway was a few kilometres away from my home. In addition to some railway lines in Lower Saxony, some railway lines were visited in Saxony Anhalt. Berlin also offered some beautiful motifs.

We started in Berlin. The 15th January was a cold day. At first my girlfriend and I visit the bridge near the station Treptower Park.

A unknown subway cross the bridge over the river Spree. On the left side was West-Berlin and on the right side East-Berlin. The Spree was the old border.

Near the station Jannowitzbrücken we take photos from 5370 009 with an EC from Berlin to Warschau.

A half hour later there comes the Flixtrain from Stuttgart to Berlin Lichtenberg. The old name was Locomore. They was in insolvency in august 2017. Flixtrain, a part of the Flixbus-Company took over the traffic. The locomotive 242 517 an the personal comes from Hectrorrail. Since 2018, Flixtrain operated the line Stuttgart-Berlin one or two times per day/direction. Also the Hamburg-Köln-Express 8HKX is operated by Flixtrain.

On 23th February, I visit with a friend the railway from Hannover to Minden. It was one of the last applications of the class 143 from DB Cargo.

Near Prosthagen, we take a photo from 145 005 with a pipeline-train. The class 145 was handed over in 2018 to MEG and RBH (Two DB subsidiary companys).

143 651 with a mixed freight train from Osnabrück to Seelze in Evesen.

143 904 with a freight train from Seelze to Osnabrück near Vornhagen.

In the next month, I had a lot of work and the weather was not on my side. So we go to may. At the 5th May, I visit again the railway between Hannover and Minden. The endless summer began.

A lot of class 143 were turned off by RBH and partily scrapped. Here you see RBH135 and RBH129 with a tank car train in Minden.

143 250 with 143 043 and 143 288 and a short mixed freight train near Vornhagen.

155 253 with a mixed freight train near Dankersen.

The next day I take a photo with 185 355 and a mixed freight train near Achum.

I and a friend planed a trip to the Marschbahn. We want to take photos from class 218 and 232 088, which was pulled the RDC-Cartrain between Niebüll and Westerland. On the 7th May, wie drive to Langenhorn for our first photo.

218 369 and 218 397 with IC2315 from Westerland to Frankfurt in Langenhorn.

245 006 with a local service from Hamburg to Westerland between Niebüll and Lehnshallig.

232 088 with a RDC-Cartrain from Niebüll to Westerland in Klanxbüll.

218 366 and 218 389 comes with a Sylt-Shuttle from Niebüll to Westerland near Klanxbüll.

In the evening we wait near Risum Lindholm for 628 503 an the Sylt-Shuttle-Plus from Bredstedt to Westerland.

We sleep in a nice hotel near Klanxbüll. The next day was very good too.

245 025 in the morning on the Hindenburgdamm with a Sylt-Shuttle.

At next we wait at the station Lehnshallig for 232 088 with the RDC from Westerland to Niebüll

218 379 and 218 830 with the IC2311 from Westerland to Stuttgart in Klanxbüll.

Near the place from this morning, we wait at the Hindenburgdamm for 245 025.

And 232 088.

218 344 and 218 307 with an IC to Westerland near Klanxbüll.

My girlfriend and I visit on 20th May the Kaffkieker. That was a longer museumsrailway (with regular freight traffic) between Eystrup and Syke. At the morning we pursue the train. The name Kaffkieker is like a train who stops at every trashcan. There are a many small villages along the railway. Sometimes the village is only a farm.

Hoya is one of the bigger villages on this route. The GDT was build from 1953 to 1961. 13 GDT´s was build from MaK. Only one GDT was scrapped. The most of them are in a museum.

Near Eystrup we get him again.

At last we look to the Deutschen Eisenbahn Verein (DEV). They have a 8km long narrow gauge railway from Bruchhausen-Vilsen to Asendorf. Near Heiligenberg we wait für the steamtrain.

On 26th June we take a short trip in the evening to Lüdersen, not far away from my home.

1142 704 with a empty passengertrain from Cologne to Brunswick.

My holliday was planed for me and my girlfriend. We wanted to visit Croatia and take a short trip to Bosnia-Herzegowina. We drive with my car 800miles to southwest. I have book a small hollidayhome in Drnis, a half hour away from the beach. But there is a railway, too ;-) We make a stop in Zagreb after 13 hours driving. At the next morning, the 9th July, we take our first photo.

A unknown class 1141 with the B703 from Rijeka to Osijek near Zagreb.

After a 200 mile´s tour to our hollidayhome, we take in the evening a photo from 2062 018 and 2062 017 with the Tv60340 from Split to Karlovac near Drnis.

At the next day, we wanted to go to the beach and we found a nice place between Sibenik and Split.

At the afternoon of the 10th July, we wait near the station Kastel Stari for the local train from Split to Perkovic. This service is planed with a railcar. But they have a lot of problems with the DB-Class 612. So we was glad, that this train comes with 2044 007 an two cars.

A few hours later, the same locomotive pulled the B1205 Split-Budapest near the station Sadine.

On 12th July, the weather was very good. We get everything, that we wanted all days on this thuersday.

We started with the local service from Perkovic to Split. The train left the station Primorski Dolac.

Later we get the same train near Labin. The passengers can see the first time the sea and Split, but the need 45 minutes to the station in Split. The trains are not so fast.

After this photo, we drive to Marina, a small town with a big beach.

At the afternoon, we wait for a freight train from Karlovac to Split. 2062 056 and 2062 025 in Prgomet.

2062 015 with a local train from Split to Perkovic near Perkovic.

2062 025 with a empty freight train from Split to Karlovac. It was next to the place from this morning.

2044 007 with the B1205 near Planjane.

At the morning of the 13th July, I drive near Drnis to a small railroadcrossing.

The last of her class. 2063 014 and 2062 025 with a long freight train to Split.

That was the last picture from Croatia. I and my girlfriend drive to the beach again and startet our trip to Bosnia-Herzegowina. But the weatherforecast was very bad. We drive to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegowina. The city of zhe two faces. Beside modern buildings there were war ruins. Mine fields should still exist. In Croatia, these ar marked, but in Bosnia-Herzegovina we didn´t know it. In the evening, we found a nice restaurant in downtown. For only 7,50 Euro we have a nice meal with drink. A fantastic price, even for Balkan conditions.
The next day, the 14th July, I checked the weather again. There was a bigger hole in the clouds around Tuzla and Doboj, and we drive at first to Doboj. Near Nemila we saw the sun and drive to the station from this village. I had previously seen a freight train in a train station and hoped that it would come soon. We had luck.

441 122 with a mixed freight train in Nemila.

In the early afternoon, we visit near Tuzla the Banovici-Coal-Railway. It was a 760mm narrow gauge railway. There's a train all day commuting.

740 113 with a empty coal-train.

In Banovici the narrow gauge line ends and the coal was loaded on the railway. Two class 33 ranked in this station.

In the evening we wait for 813 043 as an local train from Tuzla to Doboj.

We found in Doboj a cheap hotel at a gas station. Then we checked a supermarket and found a lot of german products, the most of them was just as expensive as in Germany. Many inhabitants still grow their own fruit and vegetables. After this day, we drive back to germany.

Back in Germany expected us the endless summer. On the 19th July, we drive to the NSS (North-South-Railway).

187 080 with a mixed freight train near Elze.

185 399 with a container train near Godenau.

It was the last tour with my Canon 7D after three years. In August I bought the Canon 6D Mark II.

One of the first photos was taken with the new camera on the rhine. It was a hot 5th august.

101 095 with the IC118 from Innsbruck to Münster in St. Goar.

A few days later, the 16th August, I wait near Rehren for trains.

186 222 with a short tank car train.

The first bigger tour with the new camera was to East-Lower Saxony and to Saxony Anhalt. It was the 28th august.

232 469 with a short mixed freight train from Seelze to Magdeburg Rothensee near the old station Woltorf.

Later, near Timmerlah, we took a photo of 140 047 and a empty car train.

232 040 and 261 048 with a mixed freight train near Güterglück. There was a old GDR railway crossing.

A unknown class 152 with containers in Bennigsen on 5th septembre.

A few days later, the 8th septembre, 185 199 with a mixed freight train in Weetzen.

The railway Magdeburg-Oebisfelde have got a lot of old signals. So we visit this railroad at the 18th septembre.

642 223 leave the station Haldensleben with a local train to Magdeburg Hbf.

642 192 with a local train to wolfsburg in Barleben.

In the evening, we visit again Güterglück. 152 137 with a car-train to Bremerhaven.

The next day, we get the same maschine near Bennigsen with a container train.

A lot of class 110 locomotives will have a second live at privat railway companys.

110 169 (Euro-Express) with a special train in Vornhagen at 30th septembre.

My second visit to Berlin was on 5th October. My goal was the old S-Bahn railway cars. These will be shut down in the next few years.

485 019 and 485 096, these were called cola-can, as S46 from Westend to Königswusterhausen at Westkreuz. In the backgroudn you see the fair and the Beril radio tower.

In Neukölln there are old shape signals. 485 142 and 485 117 with a S46 to Königswusterhausen.

Later near the station Hohenzollerndamm, I take a photo from 485 142 and 485 117 again.

An other old railcar was the class 480, which was called “toaster”. 480 040, 480 032 and 480 072 as S42 near the station Halensee.

485 049 and 485 029 as S46 to Westend near the station Hermannstraße.

At last, I wanted a photo from the “coffee-train”. 298 328 pulled this train to Wustermark at the station Tempelhof.

The next day, the 6th October, my girlfriend and I visit her family near Uelzen.

193 882 with a Boxxpress-train in Emmendorf.

A few days later, the 12th October, we did a daytrip to the Harz. We wanted to visit the Selketalbahn.

In the morning, there comes 99 6001 with a local train from Quedlinburg to Harzgerode near Bad Suderorde.

275 210 with the “Buna-train” between Halberstadt and Langenstein.

187 013 with a local train from Hasselfelde to Quedlinburg near Hasselfelde.

A spontaneous visit in Wuppertal also allowed some shots. It was the next day, the 13th October.

A unknown class 120 with a IC in Wuppertal.

Later in Ennepetal-Gevelsberg, we take a photo from 111 118 as RE4.

One hour later, 111 197 with another RE4 to Aachen a few kilometres away from the last photo.

482 019 with a special train for soccer-fans from Berlin to Cologne in Weetzen at the 27th October.

152 087 with a container-train on 7th november near Holtensen. In the background you see the old sugar farcotry from Weetzen.

A few hours later, I get annother class 152 with a container-train near Bennigsen.

The last photo of the year, I have taken on 18th december in Hamburg Altona. There was a Flixtrain from Hamburg Altona to Cologne.

With best regards,

Eric Greulich

More photos you find here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/132056464@N05/

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