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This picture I took in Jackson MI, as I had the oppertunity to see and photograph Amtrak's 40th anniversary train. If any of you see it, its well worth it all.

As I was walking around talking to Geno Daly (amtrak288 on this newly married couple came to the Jackson station to get some wedding photography. I asked around who to talk to about getting some pics with F40PH 406. After being granted permission to photograph them, this is the result. It was quite a thrill, and an added bonus to an already awesome day in Jackson, MI.

Speccial thanks to Dave Mrozek for the heads up, and the great weekend, and thanks to this married couple.

Please be constructive on whats good, whats bad, and what needs to improve. No insults.

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wow, way to be there!

comments would include perhaps crop to emphasize the couple a bit more, here it is more about them than the train!

I tried a quick crop here; the bottom right corner positioned to avoid any of the blank rail, centering the couple as the focus of the shot and placing them in the lower 1/3 to balance things a bit. Other comments would be to make sure the couple is where the autofocus hits, not the train altho it is hard to see here.

certainly not the only way to see it, but one of many.
Like many others, I don't always agree with removing stuff from pictures, but this picture is so perfect I thought it needed to have the pole and wires removed from the left side of the locomotive. I worked from Ken's crop.

That white sign board back there could go, too.
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Good lighting, nice color and the couple is posed well. Maybe some post processing tweaks but exposed well. With composition you have to consider what the shot is for and the viewer’s prospective.

I assume you shot this for yourself as part of the story of your weekend. The train works as a part of the subject along with the newlyweds. The newlyweds came into the picture and it isn’t primarily about them. I’d agree with a tighter shot but I like the whole train and the track going into the distance. The train and tracks are part of the overall scene and there is some symbolism there too. The both the train and the couple are headed to something in the distance (future). Try cropping it landscape and leave the track in. I think it works well.

If it’s a wedding shot and the train is important to the couple, say the groom is an Amtrak engineer or they are both rail fans, the train works again. If the train had no significance to them (just a cool place for a picture) then the focus should be on the bride. A lot of portrait photographers would open the lens up to blur the train slightly to make the couple stand out from the background. They might work the symbolism in by having the couple alongside the first coach with the train going into the background if there had been a platform.

Overall, nice.


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